Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last glimmers of Light

So, the week is almost done. For me, playing with inking and shading will continue. But the contrasting between dark and light is coming to an end for the blog. (well, as far as a week-long theme goes)

And what better way than to go out with a bang?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still playing with light

I don't do city scenes very often.
Probably because I don't think I'm good at doing perspectives. But, if we don't do the things we don't like to do, we'll never conquer them.

So, a night-scene in a brownstone-esque kind of apartment area...or something.

I don't quite like how I did the streetlamp, but I know how to fix that for next time.
It's all freehand, save 5 lines that were done with a ruler. I'm no architect, but I should probably make better use of my ruler than I do now.

Playing with Light 4

Damn it!!! I'm 5 minutes over... well, no art *yesterday*..but double today, it'll be.
Fuck I hate missing deadlines, even self-imposed ones.

I watched True Grit today.. not the original with John Wayne, but the remake with Jeff Bridges.
There were some obvious omissions and things I don't exactly recall from the first one, but at least this time around the 14 year-old girl is played by a gal who looks the part, and not a 20-something actress.

Still, finding Rooster Cogburn in the pig-pen, covered in slop was better, in my eyes, than in the back of a chinese grocery store. But what do I know?

So the image below is my render of a night-shot from the film, where they're looking down on a cabin in the mountains. I thought the light-play was almost perfect, most of the face visible, the rest, near complete black.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Playing with Light 3

Some more shadow work, and this time I included some intentional inking.. where if I took away the shading, there'd still be those black shapes on the page.

I think it turned out well.. and considering it's done in only about 40 minutes, very well indeed.

It's Voting Day here in Canada. Why? because we have mothereffing children for politicians. "we don't want to force a vote" hell they didn't. I haven't been back in Canada for long (only about 4 or 5 years now) since my year-visit to the US, but I've voted for a PM 3 times now. This is BS. Pure, political grade, BS.

And the best part is.. I can't vote for someone of my own choosing now. I know they took the blank line with checkbox off the ballot years ago..but man, even if I decide to cast my vote as `A Vote of No-Confidence in All Parties`, it gets tossed out as a blank ballot. What kinda BS is that!? Canadian BS, my friends. The friendlies, stupidest BS you'll find on the market, provided by the Liberals, Conservatives, and any other "party" that decides to pony up the dough to get on the ballot.
However.. as I am fond of saying.. If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain about the government.
So I voted for the devil I knew best, hated least and God willing.. the country won't be ruined by next election..which'll probably happen in another 24 months.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Playing with Light Pt.2

Still playing around with light and shadow.. not inking, though I should really put some effort towards that.

I'm thinking that the difference between shadows & shading & inking is that, some things you ink aren't in shadow, but are simply better darkened for the contrast, to help the image look better overall.
I could be wrong on that, but it's what I'm going with until I learn otherwise.

So.. tonight is just a dude semi-reclining on a pillow with his hat pulled down over his face, like if you were trying to nap while riding a train or something.
I didn't do any major shadows or anything, just some simple watercolour brush-strokes over and around.
I'm going to have to find the sensitivity on this one particular brush, because it goes from almost nothing to 100% saturation with very little pressure at all, and I find that quite frustrating right now.

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