Thursday, May 26, 2011

Larth Vader

I remember some time ago, during one of Lar's ustreams, that someone asked him what he'd like if they brought him something at a convention..and I as I recall(my memory might be faulty here), it was something about puppets or hats.

Now, I don't know about the puppets, but the man has many hats. If you look back through the week, you'll see my poor-impersonations of him with different hats on.
But what to do when the whole damned head is basically a freakin hat?
You let it be.. you just let it be.
And then I do what I do.. no lightsaber? Wah. Suck it up..  we all know the power comes from the beard, and not some goofy crystals in a freakin' cigar tube.

Originally I was going to go with "Lar / Lar-k Skywalker"..or the very very wrong Princess Lar-a.
Asked Lar via twitter..and Larth Vader came to mind right after I sent it.
Couldn't do a Yoda-Lar though.. the name combobulations just don't roll off the tongue.
Though maybe I should've gone with a Lar Solo or Lando Lar-rissian? Meh.
Larth Vader's here now.. the rest can be sketchbook fodders.. where they'll be taunted by Larbba the Hutt for fun. Or something.
Are you starting to see how the man's name can just make everything more awesome??

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mops and Puppets?

My understanding (which might be faulty) is that Muppets came about because someone mixed `mops` and `puppets` together.

If they did, or did not, it don't matter.. most anyone (in the north-western hemisphere) over the age of 25 will readily know Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Beaker and many of the other muppets.
And the rest that are under 25? Big Bird and Elmo.. and my own opinion is: F**k Elmo.
Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Snuffalupagus, Bert & Ernie and many more from Sesame Street.. but that elmo thing creeps me out in a touch-you-in-the-naughty-place kind of vibe.
Maybe if the voice wasn't so damnedly high-pitched & annoying..

Anyone know the name of that Bald-Eagle monster from The Muppet Show who had a deepish voice, was kind of a prude/stick in the mud?

Anyhow.. still poking fun at Lar deSouza.
Wasn't sure whether to go with text or not.. and what to call it..
Larmit the Frog? Kermit the Lar?..if the 2nd, what's a "Lar"?
Screw it, go with what sounds better.
So, one with, one without, text.

More Lar-madness as it comes!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What I had in mind last night is lost, but it's not like there's a shortage of being able to poke some fun at Lar deSouza - the Batman of Bacon. (of artists)

....or is that "the Bacon of Batmen" ?? either way...
today's disturbing piece is the hybrid of Lar & Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Come on, how easy is this one, really? Just slap an "L" on the grill and Arnold becomes Larnold!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lar-berry Shortcake

Okay.. so this week is all about poking some fun at someone I admire.
You might remember I did this a little bit a while ago with the "Obey the Beard" post.

Pokin fun at the incredible Lar deSouza.
The man's name alone screams crazy & awesome convolutions with other words.
Some folks get saddled with names by their parents that just.. don't work with anything but them..and even that's just an identifier, barely capable of describing the person. And then there's those poor schmucks who should really just change their name, and the government should waive the fee of doing so because of the general ease of abuse their names allow.

But Lar.. Laurence deSouza is a man of amazing name.
Now, maybe it's because I was raised & taught in school that proper spelling is important.. and somewhere along the line the power of a name, of a label, became ingrained. So when I see folks call him `Lars`.. it makes me want to smack the tongue out of their mouths.. or, in the case of internet chats on ustream, remove their fingers one by one until they learn.. the name is LAR. Not "lars". This often-used typo's even become part of the drinking-game for his ustreams. Congratulations, you name-mangling gimps.*grumble*

Anyhow.. so, to start the week off.. we've got some Lar-berry Shortcake, just for y'all.
Though really, resembles a more rotund Purple-Pie Man than Strawberry Shortcake.. but I'm working from a name, not a resemblance here.
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