Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh, Clients, it's not always you.

There's a site called `Clients from Hell`, and honestly, half the things up there are just pure human-stupid. Always on the client's part, otherwise the site'd have to be called something else.

Well, communication goes both ways, and I am pretty sure that half the time it's the designers simply not paying enough attention or listening.

I'm sure if there was an `Employees from Hell` site, it'd be sloshed-full with HR manager's stories, employers and co-workers venting.

I've been waking up with "Wolverine" hair for a it's definitely time to get a 'fro-chopping done.
Through a friend, I was introduced to a wonderful place that a) is cheap, and 2) just as importantly, does a great job. Seriously.. these folks could be charging double, or matching general salons... but they don't.
Why? Because they're not greedy.
Which is really weird in a business sense.

Anyhow, I got to talking with someone while getting my hair cut, and said someone asked if I'd design them a logo that contains certain elements.
Now.. normally I can make out words and noises from a mute person...but for some reason, I couldn't make out `scissors` from the person's accent. I kept hearing `caeser's`.
Thankfully, we got it all sorted out before I left.. because I was definitely having some creative challenge with trying to figure out how to incorporate a caeser's wreath(like the old olympiad design) into the other elements.

Ahhh, fun stuffs.
So, these are some really quick doodles, trying to get a sense of where some of the elements could come together & save some space.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More quick working

Not sure where or why I got the urge to doodle supergirl..
Pretty sure I didn't have or want to doodle her at all. (WOW that could sound very dirty & perverted)

She just kind of came out through the random shape-doodle I was doing.

And now it's this:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And that's the way it is

There's 2 songs that use that phrase, that come to mind.
Well, the one is technically `that's just the way it is`..but close enough to be thought of.

Life is a ... frustratingly bizarre thing.
I can plot things down to the most minute of details..and it all goes to hell.
I can do things on the very spur of a moment, and it goes to hell really quick.

And on the flipside, sometimes those same things turn out well. Or very well.
But most often.. it seems like it's not just the short-end of the stick, but the short-end of the stick that was used to stir a vat full of goose-manure.

It's bound to get better, right?

Denis Leary sang it well - ~Life's gonna suck when you grow up~

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes, a preserver

Everyone needs some help sometimes.
Often enough, that help will come from an unexpected or unusual source.

Do you have a life-jacket for when the ship's going down? A life-raft? Some need a life-preserver tossed to them, preferably with a rope attached so while they struggle against the current & waves & sharks trying to drag them under, they can be pulled in closer to safety.

I've been on both ends of that line in my life. Will always more gladly accept being the one pulling the rope, than the one clinging to the preserver.
And then sometimes.. just sometimes... you are the preserver.
Then what do you do?

This was done in 20 minutes, from concept to publishing here.. yeah, I rushed things through and it's a bit sloppier than my normal quick-works. Also, it seems my photoshop has crashed & refuses to work. Time to reinstall.. *yay*

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Week Begins

...and I'm not sure what, if any, theme I'll have for the week.
A year's worth of blog-posts is arriving soon enough. Which is a weird thought. I'll post my thoughts on that when the actual day & time draws closer.

In the meantime, nothing big, nothing fancy.. not even sure where this came from - if you look at the helmet, the brim is really off for modern-day military.. hell, the whole thing is, really. Yet for whatever reason I've given the guy a freaking hand-cannon of a modified .44 Desert Eagle.
Hey, gun-bunnies & enthusiasts.. I know, it's not spot-on replica of a Desert Eagle.. but then, nothing modified ever is. The hammer, especially.

Anyhow.. here we go.. blue-lined all the way. I really want to start posting more stuff from my sketchbook.. half because it's all drawn at a weird angle, resting the book on my chest, and half because, well, I do much better on paper than I do digitally.
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