Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book Sketch

I sketched this out a couple days ago while my roommate was watching House.

Idle doodling can be good for the wandering brain, I think.

Until I can hammer out some kind of schedule..a habit, if you will, of this work, downtime, art-time, work out, relax, sleep thing.. I'll probably miss a few days at a time.
I used to doodle at night before going to sleep..unfortunately, my bedtime's been moved up because now I have to get up early if I want to, you know, be at work on time and keep my job (which I do).

So everything else is being into some kind of time that I'm hoping will stick, or at least, be malleable enough work around everything else that can't be moved around.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Randomocity

Not entirely sure where this came from.. or even what it means or represents.

I do know this much: It's not what I meant to doodle out when I started.
Don't think I like how that's been happening lately.

And yeah, because I can.. the Superbum symbol:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a what?!

So, while I was waiting for some things to be done to my computer at work today (so I could, yanno, work), I did a quick doodle..and part of the costume design stuck with me.

Part of me immediately went `Tron?!` while the rest of me laughed.
Call me crazy, but I like outfits that have a bit of piping to them..especially when that piping, or even the seems, are kinda day-glow.

So, while trying to figure out how I wanted to do it here in The Gimp.. I was working away and just kind of idly deciding things in my head.. long hair.. want the piping to be bright orange and some really pale yellow/cream.. give the girl a visor... and suddenly the thing I'm doodling has become some kinda semi-tron-ish female version of the offspring of Shadow Cat and Cyclops.

So.. enjoy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Body Art

So.. what is art to you?

There's a weird kind of.. something.. imprinted on photos and canvas and whatever else is used to capture an image.. there's a feeling.. about things. Surely you've noticed it.
It's the unknown thing that helps you discern between what is nude art, and what is porn.
Between what makes a black & white image of a wheat field austere, lonely or nostalgic.

So.. I did this well over a year ago.. using just some regular water-soluble markers...
to me, it's art. To others.. well, their opinion is their own.

and yes, that's a bum-cheek. The other one has the Superman emblem on it, which, if I don't get any art done, will be posted tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tomorrow is another (work) day

Hey folks..

I start my new-new job tomorrow.. excited and can't wait to see how things go.
I really hope it lives up to some of the tv-dreams I've got about office-work and cubicles and the whole deal.. but it probably won't because we live in a PC-fear-of-lawsuits-lack-of-humour world nowadays..

So, you may've noticed I didn't update yesterday, or for a couple days... well, I've been spending more time on the Google+ thing.. and wow it's freakin awesome!

Thanks to Inkybat / Eric Orchard I've been able to connect with, at last on a very thin skein of internet-style-connect a bunch of amazing artists.
Starting to feel like some kind of peeping-tom pervert being able to see the comments and awesome works these folks share.
And I mean SHARE.

So far, Google+ has been a place where I've seen a few pages, up to entire comics being uploading by the creators, shared.. things I wouldn't have found or enjoyed otherwise.

So, here's a little something I shared with the people in the "Art" social-circle I've got:

And the community.. seems bent on being friendly, safe and keeping it that way.
I recently read a post about one user coming to the defense of another who was ... semi-politely propositioned ... by another user. Now that's community, man.
No flame-war, no textual-castrations, just `yo, that ain't appropriate` and back to doing the things we do.

I realize Google+ is still in the infancy stages.. still kept in it's playpen, if you will (mostly closed beta stage).
And I have the fear that once it's open, the raging flood of typical shit-disturbers will commence their shit-disturbing and cause issues, as seems to be the (unnecessary) Norm.

Someone also touched on the use of pseudonyms and fake profiles.
This is a little troubling, because let's face it.. when someone names their kid 'Apple' or "Lemonjello' as has happened in the past, it becomes harder to write a program that accepts a name as a name, and not whatever gibberish someone wants to put in just to create a false profile.

But it's still growing, adjusting to the users and issues and suggestions..and despite still being such a `young` social project... it's easily more accessible and intuitive, cleaner and less-cluttered than anything that's come before.
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