Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tick Tock

The song 'tick tock people' is playing..well, what I can remember of the song anyhow, in my head.

Which is kind of weird, because dance/house/club music is playing through my headphones.

There I was, playing some Dead Island, laying merciless waste to the various zombies trying to eat me to death, and my phone blips.  I got a text, and it turns out my mom's in the hospital with some blood clot/lung thing.

Now.. I can only assume that most folks would be worried and all that.
Being 600km away from their ill family member with no real means of being able to get up and see them would probably irritate them, perhaps adding to some 'feelings of powerlessness' or some headshrinker bullhonky lingo.

Not me.
Maybe it's because I'm not very close with my family to begin with, or maybe I'm just a cold hearted basticho.. but I'm just not worried or overly concerned about this thing.
Maybe it helps that my mom's religious, or maybe I just know that life's a rather shitty deal and sometimes all you can do is grit your teeth, square your shoulders and keep clawing your way through.

Still haven't done any real work in Manga Studio Ex 4 yet.. still playing with it, learning it as I go.

So, in the meantime..
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