Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yeah buddy!

Octember is almost my favourite month.  It's like October and December smashed together.  Sometimes there's snow, sometimes not. Halloween, Thanksgiving (for Canada, anyhow) and the joys of the season changing.

I've been reading some Conan lately, as you can tell from the image below.
I like Conan. My first exposure was with the Schwarzenegger movie, not the comics, and I didn't even know the written pages of story existed until I read the footnotes in the most recent collection I just read.

One thing I love about Octember is halloween.  If you've got cool friends, someone throws a costume party and people have a good time.  Or if you're like me, your friends are married and have little kids, so the most you can hope for is to hang out and hand out candy or go with them while they toddle their anklebiters off in costumes.
I think this is one reason I like good cosplay - because it's not halloween and people are dressing up as critters they like.

Also read my first issue of The Goon.  Thought I'd check it out since I saw a sneak preview piece for it via Twitter.  So far, I like it. The art is definitely something unique to itself, yet familiar in an odd way.

Anyhow. bloody cimmerian!

But lo, no blood on the weapons, what gives?!
One could argue that this view is from the eyes of someone who's brain is exploding out his face in simple fear of seeing Conan coming at him..
Yeah.. that's it... or not.
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