Sunday, October 23, 2011

More AlphaBeasts - and Batman: Arkham City review

Where the bloody kerfufflesaurus did the week go!?

Away from me, apparently.


First, my entry into the AlphaBeasts thing: 2 of the same, just one without the lines:
I really like the no-lines idea, letting the colours and shapes form their own lines as they tend to in the real world, for the most part. Oh.. in case I forget - B is for Basilisco Chilote, from the Chilota mythologies. 
Apparently, they feed on phlegm and saliva, causing the people to die from dehydration.
One of the more gross-disturbing critters I've read about.

The only description I came across in my very very lazy search was basically a serpent with a rooster's crest.
Boring, screw that noise! You're gonna mix a chicken and a serpent together, let's get some basic draconian fun out the box, but replace the maw with a beak, 'cause I'm like that. 

Now to Batman: Arkham City.

Batman, I am not. Holy mother*%@&! I am not batman.  I even make a bad Catwoman!
But then, I've always been more of a charge-in, guns blazin' & swords swingin kind of gamer.
And Batman is NOT that kind of gameplay. Catwoman, not being Batman, is even arder to play like that, as she doesn't handle the abuse Bruce Wayne does in any kind of the same fashion.

I've finished the main storyline, and Rocksteady could have easily gave up at a few points and let that be that, and the game would have still been good - but no, they pulled the strings on a few other things and let it all unravel to weave themselves a seamless tapestry of Batman that is deserving of both Batman and The Awesome.  My main gripe from the first game (Batman: Arkham Asylum) remains - let me jump on command!!, but given that this is the Bruce Wayne - Batman, and not the Dick Grayson - Batman, well, Bruce was never really one for getting off his feet without the aid of some gadget or gizmo. Still, a few new gadgets that definitely deepen how you can Batman-ize the baddies, side missions that are at points maddeningly devious and then, once you've learned the curve to get where you need to go, it seems easy.. until the next one.  

Enemies I didn't expect, the nice ability to (once you've played through once) play through in the skin of Batman-of-choice (I'm looking forward to downloading the Batman Beyond and Batman - Adam West versions... Adam West if it's available, anyhow).  

One thing I noticed - your suit gets trashed, and it gets worse as you go along just like in  Asylum, except this time, it gets trashed pretty early in the game.  Catwoman's outfit also gets trashed - mostly in one shot, and I won't ruin the HOW, because it's just well done in it's execution.

There was a couple of battles I didn't expect.. and a few moments where I thought it was just plain cheap and horrible of the developers to do this particular thing - but it fits so horribly well with the idea that here's a criminal city-section, and the Batman's baddies are running things.

Battlefield 3 comes out in a couple days..and I'll definitely be wasting some of my life on that, and a review is to come, I'm sure.

Now if you'll excuse me, I should really go find the Riddler and beat the crap out of him if for no other reason than his traps and riddles are simply maddeningly frustratingly clever.
But I'm the Batman...right?
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