Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marking Time

As a kid, we're often told how many more sleeps until something, for example, it's only X-number of sleeps until christmas, or X-number sleeps until you go somewhere or do something. Generally, a very very rudimentary function of telling time.

As we get older, we mark time with other things.. dollar amounts, prospective numbers until something might be accomplished, months or weeks until events happen, minutes, hours and such, more precision to our markings of time.

There's approximately 34 days until I move into a new apartment.
I can't wait, and as anyone can tell you, when you anticipate something, are waiting for something, time seems to slow, stretch itself out like taffy, and sometimes that can seem to be unendurable.  But it is endurable, as other things eat away at the time and we don't notice the passage of such until we look again.

A prime example - I had intended to post some art here before tonight, and completely lost track of the day and time, and here I am almost 4 days later, posting an Alphabeasts critter instead of the art I wanted to post.

Could be worse.

Anyhow, here's Eldjotnar, the Norse Fire Giant, being a prick to the poor mountain-base village below him.
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