Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick and Dirty

This is a favourite phrase my accounting teacher used.  The girls in class got a giggle out of it.  Personally, I like it, in that it means, to me, let's do this thing, nothing fancy just functional and make it work.

I like that.  It doesn't have to be refined or overly pretty, the most important thing is that it works.  It can always be prettied up later.

I realize that it's been almost a month since my last post - and that's just horseshit! It's time to implement some changes in the what that I do.  Some serious examination of the why for some things I enjoy - or think I enjoy, and a more adamant determination as to what is important to me to spend the only thing we never get more of - time - on.

And one of those things is a world of some kind of something else, with a wristslash pen-dab and horribly quick-coloured peak into some of the later chapters of said world below.

As for the title of the piece, well, it's another peak into that world.  I''m still working on a title for the stories of this world, though I do have a tag-line / catchphrase for it, and no, I won't be sharing that here.

Obviously, the finished art for this thing I'm working on will have cleaner lines, better colour.. but for now, I'm just going to enjoy some rough, happy slap-work with my ink and paper while I finish hammering out the style that will eventually flesh out this pace I'm working on.
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