Monday, December 3, 2012

December Update

Hey happy peoples,

Yeah, it's been a while. Work is work, for what it's worth.  Not the work I want, or at least, think I want, but it's a far-cry better than a bunch of jobs I've had.

Art's dropped off, not happy about that.  Some life-changes are in the making, slow-slow-slow, but necessary, and I just want them to be over with already, albeit, some things you just can't rush.

All in all, things are good in a by-and-large way. And in my life, when things are going well, something bad's coming up from behind quicker than I care for.  So, while part of me wants to enjoy the good-times while they're here.. most of me is looking for that other shoe to drop.

In the meantime, here's a redhead ready to beat some ass:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last post for a while

I figured instead of just not posting because I'm busy with other things, I'd let y'all know ahead of time - I won't be posting for a while, because hey, I'm busy with other things.

I'll be using this as more of a personal blog instead of an art-blog (which means I should change the banner sometime soon) and post things about my life instead of art - not that I'll never be posting stuff about my art, there'll be sketches and such put up here, I'm sure.

But my main focus for my art now is storytelling and I'll be working on stand-alone and sequential imaging work. that page can be found at : - note, it's designed for more mature things, will contain more swears and nudity than'll be found here.. 'cause, yanno, I'm all master and commander of drawing the boobs and such [so far from it].

Anyhoo.. I had some Revoltech anime action figures show up in the mail. Bought some on a whim, now I suppose I'd better find the mangas / animes they belong to watch'em to know what the heck I've done to myself.   I watched some of the Queen's Blade series.. such interesting designs, but so obviously not for anyone under 18, yet not `over 18=porn` either.

But first! Some dinner - so tasty.. a bit of italian dressing really brought out the jalapeno cheese melted into the mix.

Ground beef, green and orange bell peppers, baby carrots with some Jalapeno Havarti cheese and a few splashes of light Italian salad dressing.  The salad dressing really made the peppered-cheese pop!

Now we go to the Idol Master girls that showed up in the mail.

The second picture didn't turn out so great, so it's not getting uploaded.

And the above girl with the rest shirt is from Fate/Stay Night, which I'm looking forward to watching.  

This is Aelleyne from Queen's Blade.  I I didn't find her shirt, so she's covering herself up.  Apparently this is the 2nd colour variant, with the original being green with red trim, instead of red on red.  Eitherway, I like the hat/cape\cloak - for whatever reason, a split-cape/cloak is always interesting to me.

Now, these are all Revoltech.  I remember the 3 & 1/2-inch G.I.Joe figures from my youth, and how poseable they were. Well, the points of articulation on these figures is above ad beyond.  I've even got a Storm Shadow and Beachhead G.I.Joe remake hanging around, and their articulation, while much better than the old 3 & 1/2-inch G.I.Joes, is nigh-atrocious by comparison.

However, the more moving parts, the more can/will break.  I'm glad I had a jar of liquid rubber on hand, Rin Tosaka (red shirt) figure's left arm kept falling out at the elbow, so a lil liquid rubber dabbed on, and put it back in place, seems to be okay for now.

I'm waiting on some other orders to show up, and will post some pics of them when they do.

Sunday, August 5, 2012



So, I had installed the blogger app on my tablet - it's not an ipad - I am not a fan of apple in any sense. As it turns out, the updates I thought were going through haven't. Even the drafts aren't here.
Except one, and the image didn't load or transfer. it was designed to be an example of the difference of my digital VS pen-on-paper works for detail and such. Well now that's frustrating. So clearly, I'll not be using the blogger android app anymore. Anyhow, here's a lil something I Tumblr'd yesterday.

I'm not sure where the idea for the fishbowl heads came from.  Maybe it's part Saga, part Mysterio and a whole lot more `let's doodle a circle for the head position and figure out it's details later`

Because I'm lazy (efficient?), I think I'm going to try and find something that'll post to twitter, tumblr, Google + and blogger (amongst the jazillion other online personal-thought-opinion-output websites).

I know I need to work on my colouring.. hell, I need to work on everything, but let's face it.. more items look good in colour than black & white - unless those colours suck.  Now, this Sotomayer  fella has a course for what seems like a reasonable price - and it is, especially if you do the whole graphic novel/comics books/art-in-general for a living.  But for a hobbyist like me, the price is a little steep.  Still, it's on my `things to save up for` list.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One more

Well, today marks one year to the day that I've been working this job.

Technically, I'm a scribe.  Officially I'm a transcription agent.  Can't transcribe something without scribing it, right?  And what better way to `celebrate` a full calendar year of employment than by unintentionally causing trouble for your boss?  Trying to pick my battles at work is a job in itself sometimes.  And the one time I don't stand my ground when I'm right on something, just to avoid having to fight about it, comes back to bite me in the face, and this time, it also might bite my boss.

And that don't sit right with me.  If I screw up, come at me about it, leave my boss alone, he's got other things to worry about.  To make things worse, (or better, depending), I'm actually in the "right" on both of these problems, so my boss could easily aim for heads and swing for the fences, but he won't because a) he's awesome like that and 2) that doesn't help grow the job any, just makes folks dig in their heels.

I've learned at least one thing about my job, as it affects my hobbies, passions and dreams - it only helps it financially, but detracts in every other area.  To achieve one of my dreams, I need to be able to write out scenarios and situations..and my job is writing.  I write the better part of 7- to 800+ pages per month.  When I get home, I don't want to write anything, get a keyboard or pen&paper away from me.  Even writing this is giving me a headache. And not wanting to do anything with my hands or brain has really cut into my doodling/drawing/painting and even the things I enjoy, like videogames.  It's a fight with myself to work out or play my bass or a dozen other things I would normally spend my time on.

And that ain't good.  But the money is alright, pays the bills, and when I *do* hit bonus-land and go over, the extra money is even nicer.  And if I wanted to pursue a couple different-but-very-related career paths, there's plenty of room for advancement in the company.  And, this is the longest I've been with a company since I quit my full time job to go back to school full time what seems like way too many years ago.  
So that's where I'm at right now folks.  Trying to get things into a better position, but it just seems like a different kind of uphill crawl than what it was before.  At least the money is good for where I'm at.
And that's something... right?

This is what I feel like at work sometimes - a biomechanical nuclear powered brute of a goon.

Monday, June 25, 2012

What is epic?

I really enjoy The Incredibles movie.  it fills a bit of a hole in the whole superhero world - what happens when they retire? Do they retire? How would they live a `normal` life?

And there's a great line in there - "When everyone's super, no one is".  And that's quite true, because now `super` is `normal`. I'm pretty sure I've gone down this rant before, but a conversation last night just really reminded me about how much the generations after me a) suck in ways I hadn't contemplated and 2) how crappy their lives are actually going to be, the hardships they'll face and just how, seemingly, horrendously unprepared they'll be to deal with it because they've got it so relatively easy right now.

Everything is going to be neat and exciting and amazing and... bland.  When I was young, computers were new and amazing.  now they're fairly mundane and a part of every day life.  Mobile phones used be big enough to deflect an incoming stray animal, now you're lucky if they'll deflect a bottle cap - and they're not phones! They're super micro computers with telephone abilities.

3D printers are on their way - some are already here, but like most technology, clunky and expensive and eventually, someone'll figure out how to slim it down for everyone to have one and figure out.  Virtual reality is still climbing obstacles and tweaking itself to reality-questioning awe.

And when these things come out in droves instead of niches, they'll be incredible and `game changing` and `life altering` and `amazing`. And then they won't be.

The hype seems to wear off quicker and quicker.  The Avengers movie - such hype, and while I enjoyed it, I wouldn't even come close to describing it as `epic`.  That word, frankly, pisses me off.  It's like `love`.  Tossed around and slapped on anything you like or enjoy.  But what IS epic? What do you truly love?

Anymore, it's like art, I suppose - subjective to whoever wants to use the terminology.  And the more verbage gets tossed around and slapped down onto anything, the less impact it's real meaning has and the more worthless the word becomes.  The Avengers was not `epic`.  It's a movie. The progression from idea and artwork to long-standing comic series to tv show to movie.. that long-enduring thing, that is more epic than an iphone will ever be.   People being married for 60 years or more, not breaking up, not divorcing, not cheating, remaining faithful, remaining true to each other.. that is more epic than anything whatever a Snooki or Travolta does will ever be.

Now, let me go fetch an amazingly epic patch of lawn so I can tell you to get the hell off it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another quickie

Ahh, watercolour. Why do I treat you like regular paint?
Watercolour is, to my knowledge, supposed to have that overlapping, oops!-leaked-outside-the-lines kind of niftiness, and yet I keep forcing it (digitally, anyhow) into the lines, more or less.

Regardless, I enjoy watercolours.  It's one of those things that a rank amateur can achieve awesomeness with, and a master can drive themselves batty trying to get perfect.

Okay, so this is a computer and everything's been fresh-installed.  This means all the things I had tweaked out on my laptop, all those preferences and shortcuts and such, aren't on this. And now I kick myself.  because instead of the nifty watercolour, you get this black & white crapshow.  Because I forgot to edit the Export option in Manga Studio 4. Fing monochrome, how I loathe you, almost as much as Times New Roman!

So, instead of that thing, which I guess I'll reattempt at another time, here's some Harley Quinn quickslap work, which is a mix of airbrush and watercolour over some simple, simple lines.

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a while coming

I haven't updated in a good long while, forgive me.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a few things done, what format I want to do it in and more importantly,
WHERE I'm going to do it.

I bought a new computer recently and it's eating up a good chunk of real estate in my room.
I'm thinking of maybe using my laptop strictly for art stuff, even though the new beast is better suited to the resource-whore art programs.

A change is coming.. I've been feeling it for a while, and like a lazy ass, not been preparing for it.  Well I better start, otherwise when the change happens, it'll hurt more than it should. but I do so loathe the feeling that change is happening, or that a storm is brewing, if you will, and I can't really do anything about it at the present time.

I'm not sure if I've posted this image before, but I want to post something more than text. It's semi-appropriate, as there's some spectre of something pointing in my direction, demanding some kind of action.. just hope the course of action I choose is the right one.

I will be attempting (key word) to post on a more regular basis.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All the Rage

People are predictably unpredictable.

I've said that for years.  As it turns out, I'm not the only one.  A few years ago, waiting for the bus, I struck up a conversation with a girl who was attending university, and we were talking about the nature of people, and I said that same thing, to which she responded that her human behaviours teacher said the same thing at the start of every class.  Neat, and weird.  Neat because it's nice to know someone else is passing along such obvious, yet obscured knowledge, and weird because.. what do you do to become a teach of `human behaviours`??!

Anyhow.. so, a general rule of life is that we all do stupid things.  And they all catch up with us at some point.
I've got some piercings, generally easily hidden from view and blah blah blah. For whatever reason, I've been on a search for some unique jewelry for said piercings, and wanted something more than just the general 316L surgical stainless steel.

Initially, I found some awesome stuff at Body Candy and put an order in, though I got the sizing wrong. Still, the stuff is neat, and I'll but using it with some Jovi (air-drying modelling clay) in the future. A week or so later, I was out and about running some errands and thought `what am I doing wrong, why can't I find anything in the proper size here in Canada?!`, drove past a tattoo place, and stopped in.

That place is Artists of Life in Hamilton, Ontario, and let me tell you, the joint is friendly. Amazingly friendly. I had previously had a bad experience trying to acquire some jewelry from a local shop (it should never take 4 weeks or more for an order) and these folks put me right at ease. If I ever get a tattoo, I know where I'm going. Now, to make this really clear, when I say friendly.. a friend of mine who isn't into tattoos, body mod, piercings, or anything even remotely like that (even fake boobs are a turn off for him), he went with me to pick up the jewelry, and was so keen on how friendly and nice the staff are at Artists of Life, he almost wanted to get a tattoo. So I picked up the ordered jewelry and was on my way. They told me who their supplier is, and I looked them up online, and placed an order from them, as well. The folks at Artists of Life even offered to help me swap out my current jewelry, because hey, sometimes it can be tricky, even just a plain old earring can throw you a curveball sometimes.

So anyhow.. I placed an order with Rage Body Jewelry . I placed the order 7 days ago, got notice in the mail yesterday and picked up the jewelry today. I gotta tell ya, I'm fairly pleased with everything.

Between Body Candy, Rage and Artists of Life, I think I've got my bodymod wants covered - forget the bases, it's the whole dang field, including the dugout.

On a completely unrelated note.. I'm having a bit of a hard time designing some family members for something I'm working I thought I'd doodle out some other stuff for a while instead.. and we've got a roughed up bruiser itching for payback and some old designs I'm going to be re-evaluating and tweaking to get further away from the Ninja Turtle-vibe it gives me.

Monday, April 2, 2012

More doodle-do

Sometimes it's easy to whip off some quick rough ideas and splash a little colour around ..and other times it's like pulling teeth - trying to create something from nothing with only a very vague, still unformed idea to shape the thing.. vagueness to create something specific, oh yeah, that'll work. Well, sometimes it does - but not often, from my perspective.  So, instead of the things I wanted to doodle and get a better grasp on, I doodled this instead, which, should things work that way, will be one of the cleaner denizens of certain areas. 

I find I almost miss working in photoshop - and I am going to squarely chalk that up to know it better than I do manga studio..ergo, I must learn more of manga studio.

Anyhow.. enjoy a smiling, semi-grubby mechanic.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here's a little something - surprise!

Well, the surprise is there's nothing to surprise you with.

So clever! Ah-hah......
Moving on then.

Ever do something by mistake and it turns out to be a pleasant surprise?
Yeah, I don't do that very often anymore.
Good thing I'm not a magician..then again, it seems the stories I know of, when they
accidentally do something it turns out pretty horrible for anyone not in their party or
essential to the storyline..except maybe as fodder for the mistake.

Anyhow.. a happy surprise for a blind mage in a dark place:

Monday, March 26, 2012


Holy hellfire, Batgirl! Is March over already?!

Yeesh, where's this year going that it has to get there so fast?

I can't seem to draw worth shit lately.  Not enough practice or something maybe.. but there's a definite disconnect between brain and fingers and it is really starting to piss me off.  Especially because there's some work (self-appointed) coming that I want to do and if there's something I want to do, I want to do it well!!

Crappy days at work don't help either, and only a fool believes they can not be affected at home by how their workday goes and vice-verse.  Hard to want to sit and draw when I could veg out after having a day where you're rushed and tense and frustrated.  Day?.. hehn, yeah, let's go day...for now.

As for that funk I'm in.. it's still here, lingering like a torn muscle that refuses to heal properly.

I find I'm longing for my youth.. and what better way to reinvigorate oneself with some kind of something from their youth than music?  In that respect, I laugh at / feel bad for the kids today.. all their music is reproduced crappola with synth and "shock" and "messages" and basically, nothing.  How many kids, 20 years from now, are going to put on that bieber kid's noise and feel all nostalgic for it?
More than I care to think of, I'm sure.

Anyhow.. here's some Ratt - 'Round and Round' inspired quick art.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So, while strolling through Google+, I come upon this thing, and apparently the folks who do the Kidthulhu books are looking for an illustrator.

I don't think I'm good enough to toss my hat in that ring, but if you are, or know someone who is, send'em a message, yeh?

Also, it turns out that Zombie Roomie is looking for some filler strips as well, so I've had John and George, and for some reason, hindu-zombies, and Cthulhu running through my head for the last 2 days.

So, hindu zombies and something about cows and Cthulhu mixing in my head and I wonder.. would a hindu zombie suckle the teat of terror that is attached to Cowthulhu?  A quick google-image-search shows me not much in the way of  "cow cthulhu" here's my Bovine Star Sleeper or whatever.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh, le sigh

I have a general loathing about not knowing the cause, reason or generally the 'why' of something.
So when I get into these weird funks it really bugs me.  I don't know what brought them on, how long it's going to be until I can claw my way out of the rut or better(and worse) yet, how to just jetpack myself out and away from said hole.

I've been in a funk for a few weeks now.  I snap at the people who try to tell me it's "just a side effect of the season change" or that it's the equinox or some other thing that affects other people.  That crap doesn't bother me, quite the contrary, I tend to enjoy the changes, well, except for the onset of winter, but give me a good, heavy, crisp and deep snowfall and that changes momentarily.

I am a large proponent of fairness - true fairness and equality, and I must really be some kind of masochist because there is not now, ever was nor will be "fairness" or equality in this world.
Taking stock of my life and my friend's and family's lives doesn't help a whole lot either.  I could read the crap out of the Book of Job and it doesn't offer any solace, just a kind of sympathy with the guy.  Granted, my life's not as bad as his is chronicled as being, though there is a large amount of time that sometimes I feel like the Psalmist writing about the lonely animals, owl in the desert, sparrow alone on a housetop, something like that.
"My friends stand aloof from my sore" ...well, my "sore" is my singleness, I suppose.
Aside from my roommate, I'm the sole single person in my social circle.  I've no spouse or children, two large commonality-gaps between myself and my friends.

A number of years ago a friend of mine who was attached - and miserable at the time - bemoaned how great it was that I was single and how I should enjoy it.  Foolish words that beg for knuckles-on-jawbone action.  Then again, unlike some folks I know, I don't like to settle.  I make my mistakes and try to move on.  And when it comes to relationships, to that ever-important lifelong companionship that I would like, "settling" is not an option.

Small comfort.

And when your friends are married, they tend to hang around married people, and all my friends are either too afraid to try and set me up with anyone they know, or they just don't know any single people aside from me (well, single women).  The ones who are afraid of "losing a friend if something goes wrong' make me want to puke.

I've even tried the odd dating site once upon a time, hell, lots of folks meet their nigh-perfect-for-them other half through the internet, so why not give it a shot?
Because I like to hit what I'm aiming at, and routinely missing the target frustrates the hell out of me.

But that's not really what's bugging me.  It might be a part, a larger part than I care to admit, but there's more.. a lot of little things.  Anyone who tells you not to sweat the small stuff is a fool.  Every single big thing is made of countless little things.  Michaelangelo's Statue of David wasn't done in one shot.  It's not even a 'big thing', yet it still took hours upon hours of years of training and failed sculptures and work before the skill was attained to make that.

Little things. I sweat'em like they're important - because they are.

Sweat... "body tears" - have I mentioned I don't cry?
That's a frustration in itself, given how cartharctic a good cry is supposed to be.

I don't think I'm depressed, even though most of the thing I usually enjoy just seem to be either a chore or a frustration for the time being.  That's supposed to be one of the signs of depression, but the other stuff I like to do is still enjoyable, so I don't think it's that.

It's just this damnable rut/hole/funk...thing.

Fuck it, this thing'll go away eventually.
Just gotta keep on keepin' on in the meantime.

Anyhow.. art - simple and quick slapped out through Corel Painter Essentials 4.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who's your whetstone?

So, it's a fairly well-known fact (or at least, I'd like to think so) that actors and musicians seem to go hand in hand.  How many actors also have/play in bands, and how many musicians put on little acting gigs called music videos?

But artists.. art and music? Well, duh!  Nothing quite like a song that really helps to motivate or enhance whatever it is you're trying to get down on paper (digital or otherwise).

I don't know about you, but even 'crafty' folks, to me, are a source of creative juices that can go all whetstone on your creative blades.  Music can be a great inspiration or motivator, but so are other creative people.
So, like the title says.. who's your creative whetstone?  Who can you go and look at/listen to/otherwise partake of the works of and just come away inspired, refresh, fired up or otherwise refocused and ready to get to it?

Time is a big thing for me.  I spend too much of it on generally fruitless or aggravating endeavors.  But for all the rushing around I can do, I know I need to slow down, especially for some of the things that I run full-steam ahead into because I want to get it done now.  But I've got put the brakes on so I can eventually just zoom-zoom-zoom on through. *sigh* frustrating. But patience and skill are only learned by practice, and a lot of it. Danggit.

There's a fellow who I don't know, but as I recall from the snippet of conversation I overhead as I passed by, this fella put in 260 hours to create from scratch a saddle for a horse.
260 hours. On one project, that was carefully draped over a wine cask/whiskey barrel/big round thing.

When is the last time you spent 60, let alone 260 hours on one project? And here I am, whipping myself for not putting down semi-polished work inside of 4 or 5 hours.

So.. here's some rough works that were less than an hour each.  I wonder what I could do if I spent 60 hours on them.. maybe in a 3D render..I do so love to render me some critters.

The one is of course, Conspiracy Corn, paranoid sleuth-wannabe from a project I'm still piecing together, and the other are some designs on a critter for another project, trying a different style from something I saw many years ago.. and much as I'd like to think I've captured a good 80% of that style, I know that ain't right, I've got maybe closer to 30%, if I'm lucky.  Now if only I can find that reference again.. hah!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thought for the day

Precursor: I've often rooted for the underdog in any situation, often those where the underdog has no chance of ever coming out on top.

This is something that's been brewing for about a week now.

It is a glaring slap in the face that when someone voices their opinion that they would have an issue or trouble dealing with a family member or close friend being gay, that suddenly they're a horrible person, and the hateful bile that anyone who catches wind of such news is freely spread and flung.

Now, that's just bigoted against the person who admits they would have trouble with their friend or family member being gay. We do not live in a society that openly accepts people of every race, creed, choice and lifestyle.  If you really want proof of this, just play any online videogame, from Warcraft to Modern Warfare and you'll quickly find that hey, racism and sexism are running as rampant as they were before.

Just because I have a problem with you does not make me and does not make you a bigot.  It makes use two people, one who has an issue with the other.  You might not like my personal beliefs.  That doesn't make you a bigot, just of a different opinion.

The relatively recent kerfuffle with Kirk Cameron brings all this to mind - he was posed a question, and answered based on his beliefs.  And now the shitstorm swirls about to smear him as best it can.
Those are his beliefs, folks.. get over yourselves.

In the shrieking demand for equality and fairness, there appears to be a very clear case of demanding for not equality, but superior treatment and special, privileged status, and if you disagree with this, you are a prime target for the ire and slander that those who become aware of such deem fit to hurl upon you. And that don't fly right with me.

I was recently proclaimed "a raging homophobe".  That's a load of crap.  I'm simply not pro-gay.  I'm not anti-gay either.  I try (key word) to treat people on a person-by-person basis, but because I let it be known that I think that losing a tender contract because work is not "pro-gay enough" (for a gender-neutral project) is horseshit, now I'm "a raging homophobe" *shrug*  I'm sure there's bound to become something akin to Godwin's Law for this type of thing.

 We're all people, but it seems we'll just never get along, often enough for the silliest of reasons, it seems.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Manga studio exporting

So, one of the near-local artist I admire had mentioned on twitter that they were losing some of the fine detailed work they put in on files when exporting from Manga Studio.  So, I did a quick sketchy bit of work, purposely sloppier than usual, to see if this problem is just for him, or for all of us.

Now, my understanding is that our programs are the same, but different. I picked up the full-on version of Manga Studio 4 (Ex) and I believe this fellow has the Debut version (various functions are limited). So, I'll also (hopefully) be sending him the original MS4 file.

That might be the outright cause, but I have a hard time thinking that a company would be that belligerently ignorant towards creators.

Anyhow.. to see if there's an issue between exporting in pixels or in dimensions, here's a side-by-side option to compare - exported into JPG format. Ordinarily I resize the images on here via Irfanview, but not this time.

3 layers, lines, shading, background colour.
Page: 600dpi, 900px X 1200px
Pen: G @ 0.40mm, 100% opacity, stroke in/out @ 2.00mm
Brush for quick sloppy colours & shading: light @ 2.00mm, 30% opacity, 40 density and 20% ink

The export in Dimensions is on the left, export in Pixels is on the right.
Do you see a difference?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In time to the music (or not)

I haven't really used my tablet much this week, or last week, come to think of it.

So I thought I'd just put on some music and doodle a bit, whatever came to mind.

Music is such an awesome thing to dropkickstart your brain into thinking of images to put down.

Limiting myself to just the time limit of the one song was hard.. I found I'd play the song two or three times so I could finish the general image.

The Godzilla image took a runthrough of twice, granted, that song was almost 8 minutes long.

So, some super quick, top-of-the-head doodles (well, the second half of the godzilla song was colouring him up) Kind of sad that Temptation ended up as it did.. after listening to it four times, I still couldn't get the bullet-haze old-timey gunslinger image down I wanted, and this came out instead. ...might be because in my head it's not a static image, but a constantly flowing picture.  I need to find a way I can animate some of these things.


... hmm.. "Pimpin Godzilla" just doesn't seem right.. maybe badly-dressed 1940's blood-knuckle P.I. or something might be more appropriate - hey, there's something the awesome Paul Tobin could write! Godzilla, P.I.  ... Move over Magnum!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quickly now

Some things I do fast.  I eat fast, I type fast, I walk fast and I get angry even faster.

I had surgery on my foot 9 days ago and I am starting to get really angry with how slow it's healing.
I know I should be thankful it's healing this fast, this well, but it's not up to snuff, to my own personal standards and what I'm used to for healing.  Now I'm no Wolverine but I used to heal quicker than anyone I know.

I guess I'm just getting old, everything is supposed to slow down as you get older, except for time.

And time seems to be speeding past me.. it's coming up the middle of February already!? God help me, I think I need to learn to slow down some, plan things out better and stick to my plans regardless of what else might pop up and try to entice me away from my plans.

This is a quick piece, after having doodled out some other things, just trying to get a feeling for what random thing I'd be doodling.

Before I forget.. Valentine's is coming up.  Now, I hate and loathe anything that's forced upon me - from Christmas "cheer" to having to smile and `oh, yeah, that's a cute baby alright` to someone's newborn to valentine's.
I'm not against valentines, hell, if I had someone I'd try to make it a memorable thing ... because I'd do it the day before or after, not ON.. because it's forced.

But, once again, I'm single for Valentine's Day (to the best of my knowledge, I've single for all of them in my life) so I figure I'd do something different. Something.. RAD.

Roommate Appreciation Day.  February 14.  I'll do something nice for my roommate (who happens to be a girl)  So if you're on Twitter, are single and have a roommate (parents/siblings/family count) share what you're going to do for your roommate with the hashtag of #RAD.

Also, please vote for Bacon as your new favourite Vegetable of choice this year as well. (I know it's not a vegetable, but hey, this thing with bacon is getting stupid-ridiculous, so why not?)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick drafts

No blurb, just some super quick roughs on some older images I'd done a while ago, but done fresh in The Gimp.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, I got thinking, maybe I wasn't in the wrong.
Maybe my agreeing with this fella was just wrong.

See, I know creative types can be and often are viciously territorial, temperamental and sensitive.
And the more I thought about it, I didn't name names (aside from the figure head and talented Eric Orchard, who I admire), point to anyone's work or steal anything from anyone.

The artwork is my artwork. My own designs.  Where the inspiration, that tiny spark that lit up the idea-field of my mind came from someone else.  There hasn't been an original thought or idea in the world in over 500 years, just an updated version of an old idea (technology allows that, but it looks like something new, despite it not really being so.  Most of the folks I'm aware of who worry about your inspiration are either looking for their own, hoping yours might help them, or are after some other kind of benefit for them at your expense.

See, I'm pissed off now.  I get this message about someone else (not the original person) being mad about something I did, something I made, and like a fool I agreed. Took my posts down, deleted them. Problem solved, yeah? No.  When I next go to log into this thing to respond to a new message, I find out I'm banned. Not just banned, but "permanently banned". No warning, no discussion, just boot.  Well that ain't right.  I ask a certain someone about it, they tell me no bans, just a disruption of something.. No, I'm banned.  Did I ask the admin about it? Not yet.. so I wait a day..then fire a reply (because as guilty as I am of typing thoughts out while angry, really, it's not something I want to do overly often).  2 days, no reply.  Now, 2 days on the internet is akin tow 2 weeks of real time communication or longer, it seems. Still no answer, still banned. Now I'm even more pissed.  My attitude towards this kind of behavior is a fist-thumped "fuck this I says, and fuck them too. "

I read names of something wrong, bent it a little bit, and took a few steps with it. That's the only real similarity of the thing here - and I can easily change a name. It's my art, after all. Change a name and they (the offended party on behalf of another) can go cry in their beer if they care to.  So I'll change the name.

So here's MY art again, two variations of the thing.  I am now having half-assed expectations to get an email from Marvel whining that the one colour scheme is too Magneto and the helmet/head is too Mysterio.

Eventually, I'll wind up spending a day in Painter and get the real image floating in my head of this thing out and down and it will, indeed, make these two look like the simple doodles they are.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Uh, oops

Well, it looks like I've done The Bad Thing again.

Deleted the last couple of posts because of it.

Now, ordinarily when someone comes to me with an `you've offended/annoyed/upset so&so`
my general attitude can easily become one of `yeh? go fuck yourself on the way out the door`,
but no, this time I'm in the wrong and it's not a case of thin-skinned-whining.

I will say - that the designs are my own.  Inspired by someone's else works, at the core, yes.
But (to use a broad-stroke analogy), we don't all drive Fords and I think ol' Henry wasn't too angry that Toyota made cars too. (but I could be wrong)
However, the Creative World is different place to exist in than the Technological World (automobiles are a technology, after all) and it seems to be better to apologize and step back when you cross a line (especially if you aren't aware you crossed it) than to dig in your heels like a petulant child and hold to your facts and rights.

So, fellas who I didn't name, and to the one I did (Mr. Orchard), my apologies.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A doodle-do

Good Lord Almighty, not another post inside of a week?!

Yeah, it is.  I had some doodling I wanted to do.. just try and loosen them ole'
creative muscles and see what doesn't flop off.

My job has me sitting and listening to people talk, and typing what they say, or
more accurately, what I hear.. so it's nice to put on some music, preferably something
ambient or otherwise without lyrics (I don't have much of that kind of music) and just
relax a bit and doodle whatever comes to mind.

I had a few ideas and none of them really gelled, which annoys me, because some of
those ideas were kind of kickass, in my opinion.. but I just couldn't wring the art from my

Maybe it's because I really wanted something loose and sloppy..and those ideas would
only be good if they were polished up and shiny-new like.

Anyhow.. here's a couple quick doodles with even quicker colouring / shading.

And yes, I know they're off-kilter/not centered. I'm going to have to change how I work in Manga Studio Ex4 because I'm always avoiding the right side of the page.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year? Time marches on!

Awww fuckshit!

My last update was December 13, 2011??

Well, I think we can clearly mark this blog thing under the "failure" column of things I've attempted.

This post should be post 300, falling well short of the 365 I was aiming for and while from a simple numbers
perspective that might not seem so bad, consider that roughly 1/6 of what I was aiming for didn't happen, or that the better part of two full months' plus a week, roughly, had absolutely no posts, no art, nothing.

Sure as hell ain't what I was trying for.. especially if you consider the cut-off would have been September 1, 2011.

But on the plus side (of which I rarely look, let alone stand), I'm still drawing, still making, still exploring my talents in art and creation.  I recently acquired some Jovi modelling clay and a container of what turns out to be dental-quality alginate mold powder. Time to make me some moulds and stuff!

Now, I was reading something from somewhere (read: followed a twitter link to something interesting [to me] that lead to another link, and I don't remember either site now) about how it's sexist and horrible and whiny feminist crap about the state of women in comics - the creations, rather than the artists/writers.
Right, like the guys aren't all bulging muscles, 1.5% body-fat and either so brilliant they make genius' look like retards, or are so wealthy they could bail out every economic crisis in the galaxy twice over. Or any other thing that men in general simply aren't.

However, the thing did bring up a good point - a lot of the poses (for the women) are completely unnatural and quite impossible - unless you break the spine in 3 or more places, or remove it altogether.

So that got me to thinking, as I do want to work more on poses and movement and such, about doing something that I personally know is possible, because as a fat guy, I've done this pose - albeit moving - myself.  And no, don't ask where or why, just know that I did, and had to quickly regain my balance.

So.. here we go.. an unbroken-spine heroine-style my taste, anyhow.

I wasn't sure what to put up in the left corner to balance the image out more.. then I figured, maybe someone'll put some text/speech in there..but who? Not me, that's for damned sure.  I was going to go with another shadow/smoke/whatever critter.

Oh yeah.. it's a fair bit late, but happy New Year, here's hoping it goes better than the last.
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