Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year? Time marches on!

Awww fuckshit!

My last update was December 13, 2011??

Well, I think we can clearly mark this blog thing under the "failure" column of things I've attempted.

This post should be post 300, falling well short of the 365 I was aiming for and while from a simple numbers
perspective that might not seem so bad, consider that roughly 1/6 of what I was aiming for didn't happen, or that the better part of two full months' plus a week, roughly, had absolutely no posts, no art, nothing.

Sure as hell ain't what I was trying for.. especially if you consider the cut-off would have been September 1, 2011.

But on the plus side (of which I rarely look, let alone stand), I'm still drawing, still making, still exploring my talents in art and creation.  I recently acquired some Jovi modelling clay and a container of what turns out to be dental-quality alginate mold powder. Time to make me some moulds and stuff!

Now, I was reading something from somewhere (read: followed a twitter link to something interesting [to me] that lead to another link, and I don't remember either site now) about how it's sexist and horrible and whiny feminist crap about the state of women in comics - the creations, rather than the artists/writers.
Right, like the guys aren't all bulging muscles, 1.5% body-fat and either so brilliant they make genius' look like retards, or are so wealthy they could bail out every economic crisis in the galaxy twice over. Or any other thing that men in general simply aren't.

However, the thing did bring up a good point - a lot of the poses (for the women) are completely unnatural and quite impossible - unless you break the spine in 3 or more places, or remove it altogether.

So that got me to thinking, as I do want to work more on poses and movement and such, about doing something that I personally know is possible, because as a fat guy, I've done this pose - albeit moving - myself.  And no, don't ask where or why, just know that I did, and had to quickly regain my balance.

So.. here we go.. an unbroken-spine heroine-style pose..to my taste, anyhow.

I wasn't sure what to put up in the left corner to balance the image out more.. then I figured, maybe someone'll put some text/speech in there..but who? Not me, that's for damned sure.  I was going to go with another shadow/smoke/whatever critter.

Oh yeah.. it's a fair bit late, but happy New Year, here's hoping it goes better than the last.

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