Monday, January 23, 2012

Uh, oops

Well, it looks like I've done The Bad Thing again.

Deleted the last couple of posts because of it.

Now, ordinarily when someone comes to me with an `you've offended/annoyed/upset so&so`
my general attitude can easily become one of `yeh? go fuck yourself on the way out the door`,
but no, this time I'm in the wrong and it's not a case of thin-skinned-whining.

I will say - that the designs are my own.  Inspired by someone's else works, at the core, yes.
But (to use a broad-stroke analogy), we don't all drive Fords and I think ol' Henry wasn't too angry that Toyota made cars too. (but I could be wrong)
However, the Creative World is different place to exist in than the Technological World (automobiles are a technology, after all) and it seems to be better to apologize and step back when you cross a line (especially if you aren't aware you crossed it) than to dig in your heels like a petulant child and hold to your facts and rights.

So, fellas who I didn't name, and to the one I did (Mr. Orchard), my apologies.

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