Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quickly now

Some things I do fast.  I eat fast, I type fast, I walk fast and I get angry even faster.

I had surgery on my foot 9 days ago and I am starting to get really angry with how slow it's healing.
I know I should be thankful it's healing this fast, this well, but it's not up to snuff, to my own personal standards and what I'm used to for healing.  Now I'm no Wolverine but I used to heal quicker than anyone I know.

I guess I'm just getting old, everything is supposed to slow down as you get older, except for time.

And time seems to be speeding past me.. it's coming up the middle of February already!? God help me, I think I need to learn to slow down some, plan things out better and stick to my plans regardless of what else might pop up and try to entice me away from my plans.

This is a quick piece, after having doodled out some other things, just trying to get a feeling for what random thing I'd be doodling.

Before I forget.. Valentine's is coming up.  Now, I hate and loathe anything that's forced upon me - from Christmas "cheer" to having to smile and `oh, yeah, that's a cute baby alright` to someone's newborn to valentine's.
I'm not against valentines, hell, if I had someone I'd try to make it a memorable thing ... because I'd do it the day before or after, not ON.. because it's forced.

But, once again, I'm single for Valentine's Day (to the best of my knowledge, I've single for all of them in my life) so I figure I'd do something different. Something.. RAD.

Roommate Appreciation Day.  February 14.  I'll do something nice for my roommate (who happens to be a girl)  So if you're on Twitter, are single and have a roommate (parents/siblings/family count) share what you're going to do for your roommate with the hashtag of #RAD.

Also, please vote for Bacon as your new favourite Vegetable of choice this year as well. (I know it's not a vegetable, but hey, this thing with bacon is getting stupid-ridiculous, so why not?)

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