Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who's your whetstone?

So, it's a fairly well-known fact (or at least, I'd like to think so) that actors and musicians seem to go hand in hand.  How many actors also have/play in bands, and how many musicians put on little acting gigs called music videos?

But artists.. art and music? Well, duh!  Nothing quite like a song that really helps to motivate or enhance whatever it is you're trying to get down on paper (digital or otherwise).

I don't know about you, but even 'crafty' folks, to me, are a source of creative juices that can go all whetstone on your creative blades.  Music can be a great inspiration or motivator, but so are other creative people.
So, like the title says.. who's your creative whetstone?  Who can you go and look at/listen to/otherwise partake of the works of and just come away inspired, refresh, fired up or otherwise refocused and ready to get to it?

Time is a big thing for me.  I spend too much of it on generally fruitless or aggravating endeavors.  But for all the rushing around I can do, I know I need to slow down, especially for some of the things that I run full-steam ahead into because I want to get it done now.  But I've got put the brakes on so I can eventually just zoom-zoom-zoom on through. *sigh* frustrating. But patience and skill are only learned by practice, and a lot of it. Danggit.

There's a fellow who I don't know, but as I recall from the snippet of conversation I overhead as I passed by, this fella put in 260 hours to create from scratch a saddle for a horse.
260 hours. On one project, that was carefully draped over a wine cask/whiskey barrel/big round thing.

When is the last time you spent 60, let alone 260 hours on one project? And here I am, whipping myself for not putting down semi-polished work inside of 4 or 5 hours.

So.. here's some rough works that were less than an hour each.  I wonder what I could do if I spent 60 hours on them.. maybe in a 3D render..I do so love to render me some critters.

The one is of course, Conspiracy Corn, paranoid sleuth-wannabe from a project I'm still piecing together, and the other are some designs on a critter for another project, trying a different style from something I saw many years ago.. and much as I'd like to think I've captured a good 80% of that style, I know that ain't right, I've got maybe closer to 30%, if I'm lucky.  Now if only I can find that reference again.. hah!

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