Monday, April 2, 2012

More doodle-do

Sometimes it's easy to whip off some quick rough ideas and splash a little colour around ..and other times it's like pulling teeth - trying to create something from nothing with only a very vague, still unformed idea to shape the thing.. vagueness to create something specific, oh yeah, that'll work. Well, sometimes it does - but not often, from my perspective.  So, instead of the things I wanted to doodle and get a better grasp on, I doodled this instead, which, should things work that way, will be one of the cleaner denizens of certain areas. 

I find I almost miss working in photoshop - and I am going to squarely chalk that up to know it better than I do manga studio..ergo, I must learn more of manga studio.

Anyhow.. enjoy a smiling, semi-grubby mechanic.

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