Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another quickie

Ahh, watercolour. Why do I treat you like regular paint?
Watercolour is, to my knowledge, supposed to have that overlapping, oops!-leaked-outside-the-lines kind of niftiness, and yet I keep forcing it (digitally, anyhow) into the lines, more or less.

Regardless, I enjoy watercolours.  It's one of those things that a rank amateur can achieve awesomeness with, and a master can drive themselves batty trying to get perfect.

Okay, so this is a computer and everything's been fresh-installed.  This means all the things I had tweaked out on my laptop, all those preferences and shortcuts and such, aren't on this. And now I kick myself.  because instead of the nifty watercolour, you get this black & white crapshow.  Because I forgot to edit the Export option in Manga Studio 4. Fing monochrome, how I loathe you, almost as much as Times New Roman!

So, instead of that thing, which I guess I'll reattempt at another time, here's some Harley Quinn quickslap work, which is a mix of airbrush and watercolour over some simple, simple lines.

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