Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a while coming

I haven't updated in a good long while, forgive me.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a few things done, what format I want to do it in and more importantly,
WHERE I'm going to do it.

I bought a new computer recently and it's eating up a good chunk of real estate in my room.
I'm thinking of maybe using my laptop strictly for art stuff, even though the new beast is better suited to the resource-whore art programs.

A change is coming.. I've been feeling it for a while, and like a lazy ass, not been preparing for it.  Well I better start, otherwise when the change happens, it'll hurt more than it should. but I do so loathe the feeling that change is happening, or that a storm is brewing, if you will, and I can't really do anything about it at the present time.

I'm not sure if I've posted this image before, but I want to post something more than text. It's semi-appropriate, as there's some spectre of something pointing in my direction, demanding some kind of action.. just hope the course of action I choose is the right one.

I will be attempting (key word) to post on a more regular basis.

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