Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One more

Well, today marks one year to the day that I've been working this job.

Technically, I'm a scribe.  Officially I'm a transcription agent.  Can't transcribe something without scribing it, right?  And what better way to `celebrate` a full calendar year of employment than by unintentionally causing trouble for your boss?  Trying to pick my battles at work is a job in itself sometimes.  And the one time I don't stand my ground when I'm right on something, just to avoid having to fight about it, comes back to bite me in the face, and this time, it also might bite my boss.

And that don't sit right with me.  If I screw up, come at me about it, leave my boss alone, he's got other things to worry about.  To make things worse, (or better, depending), I'm actually in the "right" on both of these problems, so my boss could easily aim for heads and swing for the fences, but he won't because a) he's awesome like that and 2) that doesn't help grow the job any, just makes folks dig in their heels.

I've learned at least one thing about my job, as it affects my hobbies, passions and dreams - it only helps it financially, but detracts in every other area.  To achieve one of my dreams, I need to be able to write out scenarios and situations..and my job is writing.  I write the better part of 7- to 800+ pages per month.  When I get home, I don't want to write anything, get a keyboard or pen&paper away from me.  Even writing this is giving me a headache. And not wanting to do anything with my hands or brain has really cut into my doodling/drawing/painting and even the things I enjoy, like videogames.  It's a fight with myself to work out or play my bass or a dozen other things I would normally spend my time on.

And that ain't good.  But the money is alright, pays the bills, and when I *do* hit bonus-land and go over, the extra money is even nicer.  And if I wanted to pursue a couple different-but-very-related career paths, there's plenty of room for advancement in the company.  And, this is the longest I've been with a company since I quit my full time job to go back to school full time what seems like way too many years ago.  
So that's where I'm at right now folks.  Trying to get things into a better position, but it just seems like a different kind of uphill crawl than what it was before.  At least the money is good for where I'm at.
And that's something... right?

This is what I feel like at work sometimes - a biomechanical nuclear powered brute of a goon.

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