Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, I got thinking, maybe I wasn't in the wrong.
Maybe my agreeing with this fella was just wrong.

See, I know creative types can be and often are viciously territorial, temperamental and sensitive.
And the more I thought about it, I didn't name names (aside from the figure head and talented Eric Orchard, who I admire), point to anyone's work or steal anything from anyone.

The artwork is my artwork. My own designs.  Where the inspiration, that tiny spark that lit up the idea-field of my mind came from someone else.  There hasn't been an original thought or idea in the world in over 500 years, just an updated version of an old idea (technology allows that, but it looks like something new, despite it not really being so.  Most of the folks I'm aware of who worry about your inspiration are either looking for their own, hoping yours might help them, or are after some other kind of benefit for them at your expense.

See, I'm pissed off now.  I get this message about someone else (not the original person) being mad about something I did, something I made, and like a fool I agreed. Took my posts down, deleted them. Problem solved, yeah? No.  When I next go to log into this thing to respond to a new message, I find out I'm banned. Not just banned, but "permanently banned". No warning, no discussion, just boot.  Well that ain't right.  I ask a certain someone about it, they tell me no bans, just a disruption of something.. No, I'm banned.  Did I ask the admin about it? Not yet.. so I wait a day..then fire a reply (because as guilty as I am of typing thoughts out while angry, really, it's not something I want to do overly often).  2 days, no reply.  Now, 2 days on the internet is akin tow 2 weeks of real time communication or longer, it seems. Still no answer, still banned. Now I'm even more pissed.  My attitude towards this kind of behavior is a fist-thumped "fuck this I says, and fuck them too. "

I read names of something wrong, bent it a little bit, and took a few steps with it. That's the only real similarity of the thing here - and I can easily change a name. It's my art, after all. Change a name and they (the offended party on behalf of another) can go cry in their beer if they care to.  So I'll change the name.

So here's MY art again, two variations of the thing.  I am now having half-assed expectations to get an email from Marvel whining that the one colour scheme is too Magneto and the helmet/head is too Mysterio.

Eventually, I'll wind up spending a day in Painter and get the real image floating in my head of this thing out and down and it will, indeed, make these two look like the simple doodles they are.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Uh, oops

Well, it looks like I've done The Bad Thing again.

Deleted the last couple of posts because of it.

Now, ordinarily when someone comes to me with an `you've offended/annoyed/upset so&so`
my general attitude can easily become one of `yeh? go fuck yourself on the way out the door`,
but no, this time I'm in the wrong and it's not a case of thin-skinned-whining.

I will say - that the designs are my own.  Inspired by someone's else works, at the core, yes.
But (to use a broad-stroke analogy), we don't all drive Fords and I think ol' Henry wasn't too angry that Toyota made cars too. (but I could be wrong)
However, the Creative World is different place to exist in than the Technological World (automobiles are a technology, after all) and it seems to be better to apologize and step back when you cross a line (especially if you aren't aware you crossed it) than to dig in your heels like a petulant child and hold to your facts and rights.

So, fellas who I didn't name, and to the one I did (Mr. Orchard), my apologies.
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