Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In time to the music (or not)

I haven't really used my tablet much this week, or last week, come to think of it.

So I thought I'd just put on some music and doodle a bit, whatever came to mind.

Music is such an awesome thing to dropkickstart your brain into thinking of images to put down.

Limiting myself to just the time limit of the one song was hard.. I found I'd play the song two or three times so I could finish the general image.

The Godzilla image took a runthrough of twice, granted, that song was almost 8 minutes long.

So, some super quick, top-of-the-head doodles (well, the second half of the godzilla song was colouring him up) Kind of sad that Temptation ended up as it did.. after listening to it four times, I still couldn't get the bullet-haze old-timey gunslinger image down I wanted, and this came out instead. ...might be because in my head it's not a static image, but a constantly flowing picture.  I need to find a way I can animate some of these things.


... hmm.. "Pimpin Godzilla" just doesn't seem right.. maybe badly-dressed 1940's blood-knuckle P.I. or something might be more appropriate - hey, there's something the awesome Paul Tobin could write! Godzilla, P.I.  ... Move over Magnum!
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