Saturday, March 3, 2012

Manga studio exporting

So, one of the near-local artist I admire had mentioned on twitter that they were losing some of the fine detailed work they put in on files when exporting from Manga Studio.  So, I did a quick sketchy bit of work, purposely sloppier than usual, to see if this problem is just for him, or for all of us.

Now, my understanding is that our programs are the same, but different. I picked up the full-on version of Manga Studio 4 (Ex) and I believe this fellow has the Debut version (various functions are limited). So, I'll also (hopefully) be sending him the original MS4 file.

That might be the outright cause, but I have a hard time thinking that a company would be that belligerently ignorant towards creators.

Anyhow.. to see if there's an issue between exporting in pixels or in dimensions, here's a side-by-side option to compare - exported into JPG format. Ordinarily I resize the images on here via Irfanview, but not this time.

3 layers, lines, shading, background colour.
Page: 600dpi, 900px X 1200px
Pen: G @ 0.40mm, 100% opacity, stroke in/out @ 2.00mm
Brush for quick sloppy colours & shading: light @ 2.00mm, 30% opacity, 40 density and 20% ink

The export in Dimensions is on the left, export in Pixels is on the right.
Do you see a difference?
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