Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who's your whetstone?

So, it's a fairly well-known fact (or at least, I'd like to think so) that actors and musicians seem to go hand in hand.  How many actors also have/play in bands, and how many musicians put on little acting gigs called music videos?

But artists.. art and music? Well, duh!  Nothing quite like a song that really helps to motivate or enhance whatever it is you're trying to get down on paper (digital or otherwise).

I don't know about you, but even 'crafty' folks, to me, are a source of creative juices that can go all whetstone on your creative blades.  Music can be a great inspiration or motivator, but so are other creative people.
So, like the title says.. who's your creative whetstone?  Who can you go and look at/listen to/otherwise partake of the works of and just come away inspired, refresh, fired up or otherwise refocused and ready to get to it?

Time is a big thing for me.  I spend too much of it on generally fruitless or aggravating endeavors.  But for all the rushing around I can do, I know I need to slow down, especially for some of the things that I run full-steam ahead into because I want to get it done now.  But I've got put the brakes on so I can eventually just zoom-zoom-zoom on through. *sigh* frustrating. But patience and skill are only learned by practice, and a lot of it. Danggit.

There's a fellow who I don't know, but as I recall from the snippet of conversation I overhead as I passed by, this fella put in 260 hours to create from scratch a saddle for a horse.
260 hours. On one project, that was carefully draped over a wine cask/whiskey barrel/big round thing.

When is the last time you spent 60, let alone 260 hours on one project? And here I am, whipping myself for not putting down semi-polished work inside of 4 or 5 hours.

So.. here's some rough works that were less than an hour each.  I wonder what I could do if I spent 60 hours on them.. maybe in a 3D render..I do so love to render me some critters.

The one is of course, Conspiracy Corn, paranoid sleuth-wannabe from a project I'm still piecing together, and the other are some designs on a critter for another project, trying a different style from something I saw many years ago.. and much as I'd like to think I've captured a good 80% of that style, I know that ain't right, I've got maybe closer to 30%, if I'm lucky.  Now if only I can find that reference again.. hah!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thought for the day

Precursor: I've often rooted for the underdog in any situation, often those where the underdog has no chance of ever coming out on top.

This is something that's been brewing for about a week now.

It is a glaring slap in the face that when someone voices their opinion that they would have an issue or trouble dealing with a family member or close friend being gay, that suddenly they're a horrible person, and the hateful bile that anyone who catches wind of such news is freely spread and flung.

Now, that's just bigoted against the person who admits they would have trouble with their friend or family member being gay. We do not live in a society that openly accepts people of every race, creed, choice and lifestyle.  If you really want proof of this, just play any online videogame, from Warcraft to Modern Warfare and you'll quickly find that hey, racism and sexism are running as rampant as they were before.

Just because I have a problem with you does not make me and does not make you a bigot.  It makes use two people, one who has an issue with the other.  You might not like my personal beliefs.  That doesn't make you a bigot, just of a different opinion.

The relatively recent kerfuffle with Kirk Cameron brings all this to mind - he was posed a question, and answered based on his beliefs.  And now the shitstorm swirls about to smear him as best it can.
Those are his beliefs, folks.. get over yourselves.

In the shrieking demand for equality and fairness, there appears to be a very clear case of demanding for not equality, but superior treatment and special, privileged status, and if you disagree with this, you are a prime target for the ire and slander that those who become aware of such deem fit to hurl upon you. And that don't fly right with me.

I was recently proclaimed "a raging homophobe".  That's a load of crap.  I'm simply not pro-gay.  I'm not anti-gay either.  I try (key word) to treat people on a person-by-person basis, but because I let it be known that I think that losing a tender contract because work is not "pro-gay enough" (for a gender-neutral project) is horseshit, now I'm "a raging homophobe" *shrug*  I'm sure there's bound to become something akin to Godwin's Law for this type of thing.

 We're all people, but it seems we'll just never get along, often enough for the silliest of reasons, it seems.
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