Monday, June 25, 2012

What is epic?

I really enjoy The Incredibles movie.  it fills a bit of a hole in the whole superhero world - what happens when they retire? Do they retire? How would they live a `normal` life?

And there's a great line in there - "When everyone's super, no one is".  And that's quite true, because now `super` is `normal`. I'm pretty sure I've gone down this rant before, but a conversation last night just really reminded me about how much the generations after me a) suck in ways I hadn't contemplated and 2) how crappy their lives are actually going to be, the hardships they'll face and just how, seemingly, horrendously unprepared they'll be to deal with it because they've got it so relatively easy right now.

Everything is going to be neat and exciting and amazing and... bland.  When I was young, computers were new and amazing.  now they're fairly mundane and a part of every day life.  Mobile phones used be big enough to deflect an incoming stray animal, now you're lucky if they'll deflect a bottle cap - and they're not phones! They're super micro computers with telephone abilities.

3D printers are on their way - some are already here, but like most technology, clunky and expensive and eventually, someone'll figure out how to slim it down for everyone to have one and figure out.  Virtual reality is still climbing obstacles and tweaking itself to reality-questioning awe.

And when these things come out in droves instead of niches, they'll be incredible and `game changing` and `life altering` and `amazing`. And then they won't be.

The hype seems to wear off quicker and quicker.  The Avengers movie - such hype, and while I enjoyed it, I wouldn't even come close to describing it as `epic`.  That word, frankly, pisses me off.  It's like `love`.  Tossed around and slapped on anything you like or enjoy.  But what IS epic? What do you truly love?

Anymore, it's like art, I suppose - subjective to whoever wants to use the terminology.  And the more verbage gets tossed around and slapped down onto anything, the less impact it's real meaning has and the more worthless the word becomes.  The Avengers was not `epic`.  It's a movie. The progression from idea and artwork to long-standing comic series to tv show to movie.. that long-enduring thing, that is more epic than an iphone will ever be.   People being married for 60 years or more, not breaking up, not divorcing, not cheating, remaining faithful, remaining true to each other.. that is more epic than anything whatever a Snooki or Travolta does will ever be.

Now, let me go fetch an amazingly epic patch of lawn so I can tell you to get the hell off it.

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