Sunday, August 5, 2012



So, I had installed the blogger app on my tablet - it's not an ipad - I am not a fan of apple in any sense. As it turns out, the updates I thought were going through haven't. Even the drafts aren't here.
Except one, and the image didn't load or transfer. it was designed to be an example of the difference of my digital VS pen-on-paper works for detail and such. Well now that's frustrating. So clearly, I'll not be using the blogger android app anymore. Anyhow, here's a lil something I Tumblr'd yesterday.

I'm not sure where the idea for the fishbowl heads came from.  Maybe it's part Saga, part Mysterio and a whole lot more `let's doodle a circle for the head position and figure out it's details later`

Because I'm lazy (efficient?), I think I'm going to try and find something that'll post to twitter, tumblr, Google + and blogger (amongst the jazillion other online personal-thought-opinion-output websites).

I know I need to work on my colouring.. hell, I need to work on everything, but let's face it.. more items look good in colour than black & white - unless those colours suck.  Now, this Sotomayer  fella has a course for what seems like a reasonable price - and it is, especially if you do the whole graphic novel/comics books/art-in-general for a living.  But for a hobbyist like me, the price is a little steep.  Still, it's on my `things to save up for` list.

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