Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last post for a while

I figured instead of just not posting because I'm busy with other things, I'd let y'all know ahead of time - I won't be posting for a while, because hey, I'm busy with other things.

I'll be using this as more of a personal blog instead of an art-blog (which means I should change the banner sometime soon) and post things about my life instead of art - not that I'll never be posting stuff about my art, there'll be sketches and such put up here, I'm sure.

But my main focus for my art now is storytelling and I'll be working on stand-alone and sequential imaging work. that page can be found at : - note, it's designed for more mature things, will contain more swears and nudity than'll be found here.. 'cause, yanno, I'm all master and commander of drawing the boobs and such [so far from it].

Anyhoo.. I had some Revoltech anime action figures show up in the mail. Bought some on a whim, now I suppose I'd better find the mangas / animes they belong to watch'em to know what the heck I've done to myself.   I watched some of the Queen's Blade series.. such interesting designs, but so obviously not for anyone under 18, yet not `over 18=porn` either.

But first! Some dinner - so tasty.. a bit of italian dressing really brought out the jalapeno cheese melted into the mix.

Ground beef, green and orange bell peppers, baby carrots with some Jalapeno Havarti cheese and a few splashes of light Italian salad dressing.  The salad dressing really made the peppered-cheese pop!

Now we go to the Idol Master girls that showed up in the mail.

The second picture didn't turn out so great, so it's not getting uploaded.

And the above girl with the rest shirt is from Fate/Stay Night, which I'm looking forward to watching.  

This is Aelleyne from Queen's Blade.  I I didn't find her shirt, so she's covering herself up.  Apparently this is the 2nd colour variant, with the original being green with red trim, instead of red on red.  Eitherway, I like the hat/cape\cloak - for whatever reason, a split-cape/cloak is always interesting to me.

Now, these are all Revoltech.  I remember the 3 & 1/2-inch G.I.Joe figures from my youth, and how poseable they were. Well, the points of articulation on these figures is above ad beyond.  I've even got a Storm Shadow and Beachhead G.I.Joe remake hanging around, and their articulation, while much better than the old 3 & 1/2-inch G.I.Joes, is nigh-atrocious by comparison.

However, the more moving parts, the more can/will break.  I'm glad I had a jar of liquid rubber on hand, Rin Tosaka (red shirt) figure's left arm kept falling out at the elbow, so a lil liquid rubber dabbed on, and put it back in place, seems to be okay for now.

I'm waiting on some other orders to show up, and will post some pics of them when they do.

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