Monday, December 16, 2013

Skottie Young & Jeff Smith

I picked up the first 4 issues of Jeff Smith's Bone series.

Came across Skottie Young's fan-art of the rat-creatures from Bone.
[before anyone screams anything, I got Skottie's permission to use his b&w work for colouring]

Regular colour w/shading, and same said with fur/fire brush for texture:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Assholes Everywhere - ALL THE TIME

After more than a decade of trying to scrape enough together to get a vehicle, I finally have a job where I can afford one.  I acquired a 1988 van 9 days ago. Got it insured and paid for parking where I live. Today is Day 9 and today some fuckhat broke into it and tried to steal it. Smashed out the passenger-side window with a pry-bar [as evidenced by the window frame warping] and smashed out the plastic steering column cover [one piece, non-removable] and proceeded to go all sloppy-hands with a length of metal wire about 1/4” thick down said steering column [they left it in] to get the vehicle to start after breaking open my ignition switch, which has resulted in some mishaps with the system, such as wipes and sprayers working/not working respectively, and intermittently. The key locks/entries were also fucked up.
My insurance doesn’t cover this. The glass replacement alone is $200-minimum. It’s coming up Christmas. Not sure I can afford repairs. Not sure I want to put up with this shit anymore. It took over a week playing telephone-tag to get the insurance. The van is in great shape, with a lot of new parts.  I am so pissed off at the selfish, ignorant, waste-of-life cuntglob that broke in and tried - and failed - to steal my van that I’m considering selling it for scrap. 
This is just about the last straw. Every single fucking time I get something “good”, there’s a fuck-ton and mile-run of of misery and shit that nigh-immediately follows it. All my life. And I’m just done. 
I’m just.. done. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Slap it together, make it quick

Sometimes you just *gotta* get something down.
Unrefined, but not quite raw. You've got a muddy picture in your head, but not enough time to get it out right and proper and ready for the world.
.....not that anything is every ready for the world......

I'd had an idea rolling in my head for a day, and thought `this might be a good idea` and let it brew.
Then I did ye olde google search and wow.. about a hundred other people had the same idea, and the most popular one was rather shit-eating-snarky about it. Well that's a downer, for sure.

Still, I like the idea, but need to play-doh it a bit, let it grow from what it currently is to what it can be.
The best roses are covered in shit[fertilizer] and pruned regularly and carefully
Nothing like a handful of poop and dirt to help an idea-seed grow, right?
So.. some poopy-dirt [as it were]:

This is the first of many designs for the character. Not sure I want her to have a gun, especially the happy-handcannon designs I like [hearkening back to old sci-fi movies]
The colour scheme will most likely change as well before the final design is done.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Comic Colouring

So, if you haven't been to my other blog - which is about art and comics and such, as opposed to my life in general [which is what this one is for], then you've missed the following images.


Comics and art copyright their respective owners, colours by me.

King's Watch [test pages from Nate Cosby]

and some X-men pages

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update on the piercing

Okay, so, as all of you fine readers may or may not know, months ago I got an RPA piercing.

You can read about my experience with it here .

Since then, I've had my ears re-pierced, - the left was pierced years and years ago, but I like symmetry, so they were both done at 12ga. The vertical left nipple removed [to potentially be re-pierced later] and I've since stretched the RPA from 8ga to 6 ga.

I've never had anything stretched. Should've been more patient and stretched my ears first, to have an idea of how much it'd hurt.

It hurt almost as much as the initial piercing, and of course, before my poor piercer [the ever-awesome Yo] could put the bead in the ring, I had to pee wicked pissah bad. She was concerned the ring would move/slip out with the urine stream - which it didn't. It didn't even move.  Amazing what a difference 0.8mm can make [3.2 to 4, 8ga to 6ga.].

Like most piercings, it's that initial pain and discomfort, then it's done and woo-YEAH, all happy-awesome.

If you've read the previous post, you'll recall I've had issues with the ball for the CBRs. We got a huge ball, I want to say 1/2" or 3/4", but would have to re-measure it at this point, which means digging through my satchel to find it..then find my ruler, and frankly, I'm not gonna do that right now.

So, had ordered a segment ring, which Yo had advised against initially - and as much as I respect her, and can understand why.. I gotta go with segment ring all the way so far.
For all the complaints people have of peeing issues - urine stream interruption and spray, I've had none of that so far. Makes sense to me - when you pee, the urine follows the design of the jewellery [typically a ring, in this case, upwards from the urethra] and when it hits the ball of the CBR - depending on proximity to the end of your urethra - either force + gravity + obstacle = urine-stream backflow and potential dribble/spray, and if it's close, force + obstacle = large spray + stream.

With a segment ring, there's no ball to get in the way. And the piece Yo ordered is absolute-beaut. You can barely see the segments, and and the one is so tight and snug you can barely *see* it.

So, got the CBR swapped out for a segment ring. Happyhappy with it.

One last thing:

I can not be more adamant or clear that if you're stretching or changing your jewellery, take more-than-adequate time to ensure the jewellery coming out is clean. Because if you've got any healing-crusties or anything on it, it will try to shred your healing/healed\tender fistula when it gets rotated through.

Update: Nov.28, 2013:
Okay, so, it doesn't matter - if you've got a piercing through your urethra, you either need really amazing aim [bank shots, even] or a good proximity to your target. After a few tankards [actual tankards, my apartment is very, very dry in the winter] of water yesterday I went to relieve myself and watched a double-helix stream for a moment before correcting. Thankfully, it wasn't far-off the mark and no mess requiring to be cleaned.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Random colour sketches

Just some colour tests on some critters. Kind of surprised how the woman turned out.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Three Years

Okay, so it's been three years since I started this blog.

This last year has been a bit of a complete drop-off as far as the art goes, and yeah, that bothers me. Other things have gotten better, others remained the same.

I started this blog as a means to get me back into the habit of drawing, of creating, daily.  I need to get back into that, if not daily, then bloody-well close to it.

Anyhow.. three years, treading an unknown path, unrecognizeably familiar and entirely unknowable with the occasionally rare deja vu moment.

Time is just zipping by, and I'm curious what this thing'll look like in anmother couple of years, or when it hits a decade. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Boot-yeah and other catchphrases

Sooooooo yeah.
While (re)creating a couple characters I haven't drawn in a looooooong time, I started to play with the idea of catchphrases for them.

Wolverine calls everyone `bub` and his over-familiar claw sound of `snikt!`,
You could yell out `Avengers Assemble` in a mall and  good handful of people might response(positively),
most people (over the age of 20) will be able to finish this:
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.....

So.. anyhow.. i took the more cocky, prickish character and ..well, he can fly.. so I thought.. why not a sub-sonic flying boot to the face? ...Booya, motherfuckers! ... wait, no.. BOOT-yeah, ...yeah!
Well, maybe not the sub-sonic flying.. but boot to the face, either way

I'm still working on trying to get a decent colour-scheme down for the costume.
I lost the original a couple decades ago and don't remember the original colours.
(wow, that makes me sound old.. but I've been drawing all my life, soo)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sketch doodle - coloured

So, while watching game of thrones I wound up doodling the Green Goblin and decided to refine it and colour it.
Here ya go:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NSFW - Personal piercing experience


The images shown below are performed by a professional piercer.  DO NOT attempt any of this on yourself, you could cause serious and permanent injury, leading to infections and complications, or you could hit something important and bleed to death. When it comes to this kind of thing, don't be Joe Schmoe, GO PRO!

A pro like the good folks at:

Click the picture to view some of the work done by the great folks at Cottage 13.

Now, this is going to get a bit graphic:

 You Have Been Warned 

Okay, so, first off, this post will be updated as time goes on until my new piercing is fully healed - probably even after that, depending on jewellery and such.

Images and such will NOT be safe for work. You can link to this post, but not re-blog or re-post it.

Now then.

Tuesday May 28, 2013: It's been a little over 3 months since I got both my nipples re-pierced.
After trying to find suitable-sized jewellery aside from the straight barbels used for the piercing, I kept seeing references of men with nipples and PA piercings, rarely just one.
Flashback to a many years ago and discovering someone I knew had a PA and thinking "Never. Never ever." and looking at these references and thinking "No way. No interest."...except lying to myself, because the look of it intrigued me.

From about 2 weeks after getting my nipples done in February, the thought of getting something downstairs done bounced around in my head until I got it done.

A bunch of this can be found on my Tumblr, but I figured I'd lay it all out here in one big shot.

This is my experience with a Reverse Prince Albert piercing.

I kind of wish I had had the forethought to make a mould of myself pre-piercing.
If you want to, you can find a suitable item HERE . 

Getting it done:
About a week before I decided I was going to do this, I started taking a Vitamin B12, multi-vitamin and Omega-3 vitamin supplement.  I'm not in the best shape, and figured my body could use a little boost before the healing had to begin.  Multi-vitamin for stuff I miss in my daily diet, B12 to help produce red blood cells, which help clotting and healing of wounds if I remember right, and the Omega-3s because hey, they're in my small cache of vitamin supplements.

Anyhow, on to getting it done!
The day was wet to start, kind of clammy and overcast.
The kind of day you call in “sick” and play Call of Duty on, or whatever.

I made an appointment while at work, and after work went to the most reputable piercing parlour in town (in my opinion) and got a Reverse Prince Albert [RPA].

I was initially going to take some leftover painkillers [oxycodone/Acetaminophen] from when I had surgery on my foot.. and, like a macho idiot, decided I couldn’t accurately report to whoever is reading this what it felt like if my senses are numbed.

Now, to be fair, when you take a tylenol for a headache, I take a tylenol 3 & a couple beers to get the same effect. A lot of meds don’t work on me at their normal dose.

Initially I was really on the fence about a PA or an RPA. I like peeing standing up, and one of the things that seems to be the norm for PAs is the requirement of sitting down to pee for less mess.  The jewellery, you see, interrupts your urine stream and the pee kind of rides the jewellery before reminding itself about inertia and gravity.

Now, what little info I could find on RPAs was disappointing. It was basically “takes twice as long to heal or longer, hurts a whole lot more”  OR “middle-of-the-road pain for a piercing, takes twice as long to heal”.

Now let me tell you.. I’ve had my nipples pierced 4 times (twice removed because I was a) stupid and 2) very stupid, third time I had a rash on my chest and like an idiot, listened to the doctor and took them out.
In retrospect, I should’ve just used a bit more medicine in the nipple area), and I’d get them pierced another half-dozen times before I got this piercing again. The nipples were a slight pinch and burning sensation compared to this.


I had tested how uncomfortable putting something up my urethra would be at home with a fair bit of lube.  When talking to the piercer about this, she was a bit surprised I managed to get so far (about 2” - 4 & 1/2cm)..but I was definitely not prepared for the receiving tube she used.

It was uncomfortable to say the least. It even downright hurt a bit before she put the needle through. A few deep breaths, then the needle.

Then living unholy fuckball meathooks with bear-trap teeth began to burrow and claw and grind through my urethra towards the surface of my glans. Slowly. So damned slowly.

It was actually pretty quick, a matter of a few seconds, but you know how pain plays with time, turning seconds into agony.  This was really painful, and if not for the youth in the waiting area, I’d’ve wound up using some abhorrently foul language to describe my displeasure. And I was paying to have this done!? Yes.. yes I was.

Next came the jewellery.. the least uncomfortable of all, but it still didn’t “feel right”.. but then nothing going IN your urethra “feels right”. I know my piercer does her homework and takes every precaution and is careful with what she does, so the jewellery will be fine. My piercer was surprised that I wasn’t bleeding. This piercing is known for a fair bit of bleeding for a few days afterwards, and I wasn’t bleeding. Lucky me, maybe I won’t bleed more than necessary.

My piercer was good enough to take this picture for me, before adding the 6mm ball, then wrapped up my junk, just in case, and I got dressed. (well, pulled my pants & boxers up. There’s advise to wear briefs, and it is well founded, you don’t want a recently-pierced body part flopping around)

So, the piercing is done, the jewellery is in, out to the waiting area to settle up..and it’s raining good and hard outside - the water was almost the same height as the curb/gutter area is.  So.. not walking home. Call a cab. not as painful getting into or out of the cab as I though it would be.

Now I’m home. Get my coat off, go to get into fresher clothes, as I was sweating really badly.  Nerves and pain and whatnot = lots of sweat with me.  Fresh air on skin. Gotta pee.

CRAP.  Luckily, I’ve got some leftover dressings and gauze and tape and such from said previous surgery.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t just unwrap/untape, because my piercer did a good job. So I grabbed my safety/surgical scissors and carefully cut the bandages off, being sure to go down the side, away from the jewellery.

Now, I’d read upon peeing with a PA.. Got a steel bowl, filled it with warmish-hot water and some sea salt, and wound up peeing in the sink. Right.. RPA…hole on top. It’ll be interesting to learn how to pee without making a mess again. It’s not that the pee came out the top, but it follows the line of the jewellery, which comes out and up.

So, finished peeing, did the sea-salt dip for about a minute, paper-towel dried off and re-wrapped. Into comfy clothes and we’ll see how the rest of it goes.

Medical supplies I have / use to wrap my new piercing. Going clockwise from the scissors:

Surgical/safety scissors. Opened so you can see the ends.
Roll of cloth tape.
Roll of medium-light gauze(feels kind of cotton-y soft, a bit stretchy)
Roll of light, loose gauze (feels almost like paper, not stretchy, shreds to little bits/pulls apart easy compared to the other gauze).
Mesh sock/stretchy tube of fishnet-style mesh (cottony soft feeling, VERY stretchy)

That’s all I use to wrap myself with.  PunkMedic bodywash for shower time or a general cleaning, 2 shakes of sea-salt into a 4-cup measure glass with hot water, then that gets poured into a glass or appropriate tube for seasalt soaks, and SimpleCare spray while I’m at work or before bed or before wrapping.

Answer to question from Tumblr:
I’m kind of like a weak-sauce Wolverine - I tend to heal from my injuries quicker than normal folks - and I didn’t bleed like is the expected norm for this kind of piercing. However, I noticed a little redness and blood at the exit-site of the piercing after washing up tonight with anti-bacterial soap, so I figured, better safe than sorry, and wrap it up.

I don’t lie on my stomach while I sleep because it puts pressure on the ring/piercing and it hurts a little bit(as it should, this thing is 2 days old now), but while I’m asleep, I toss, turn and roll over, so again, better safe than sorry.

The design is my own, and it’s really simple. I’ve just written myself a note to draw up how I do this, so others can use it if they need or want to. I’ve also made myself a note to upload pics of the gauze types and stuff I use, to help identify it if someone needs to run out and grab some.

I’m using simple stuff that’s left over from a surgery I had back in December, but can be found at Big V / Shopper’s Drug mart or any  decently-stocked pharmacy.  I use a loose, light gauze that’s really see-through to wrap the the tip & jewellery lightly, then I use a regular gauze(slightly stretchy) and wrap over, back, around and then around a few more times, going up over corners, before taping (with cloth tape)it in place.  Then I put a bit of mesh-sock(stretchy) over it.

But really, when it comes down to it, there’s only so many ways you can wrap a pole-shaped object with a blunt end. What you use, however, can help or hinder the healing, so remember not to tape it too tight.
I was on the fence about posting this, mostly due to my own beliefs and junk about nudity vs. porn and then of course, the backlash of my many, many(hah!) followers, and not wanting to offend them. …then I thought “well, maybe I can help someone if they’ve got questions or whatever”…and here we are now.

This kind of piercing, the Reverse Prince Albert, is supposed to be one of the most painful, and yeah, it was the second-most painful experience of my life - and I’ve had to pull my own toenail off before - but then again, it should be painful..all the nerve endings and such, plus going through thicker tissue.

My piercer also pierced me with 10ga, then immediately gauged-up to 8, which is supposed to be better than just piercing with a straight 8gauge. (which is part of what I’m attributing to the lack of bleeding.. because, again, this piercing is known to bleed off and on for up to a few weeks, in some cases, months, after piercing).

Any other questions about anything or whatever, don’t hesitate to ask. ^_^

5 days in:
So, because my cbr wants to keep rotating the bead into my urethra, which is uncomfortable and tends to hurt, I’m wrapping it for the foreseeable future. This sucks, but if it works, it’ll be worth it.
Now I need to design a wrap for myself that’ll let me pee without needing a fresh wrap everytime.

Went out to dinner with a pal, bit of uncomfortable pain in the booth, got home, found out why. Small amount of blood in my underwear (hydrogen peroxide will get it out) and the ball of my cbr is not in sight.
The cbr had rotated into my urethra, ball and all. Painful. Rotated it back out, butbit seems determined to rotate in on me.

Gonna see if boxers alleviate the problem.

Well, I may have to get a segment- or continuous ring- or a much larger captive bead. If I wrap my reverse prince Albert the ring still rotates on its own, but not as freely if I don’t wrap it. Either way leads to discomfort and some pain when. The captive-ball hits either the exit-hole, or forces its way into my urethra.

The piercer I trust is open in a couple days, so it’ll be a trip there to see what we can do.

1 week in:

Visited the piercing parlour, and got a new ball - 8mm - put in.

This should help - I hope.  2 millimeters isn't a lot of size difference, but you never know.

Peeing is still interesting, taking some getting re-accustomed to. So far, I've been peeing into the sink while I get used to the jewellery and how it affects the stream of urine.

Boxers vs. briefs:
The suggested thing is to wear briefs, which, logically, makes sense.
You just got a hole put in your happybits and between the general pain, swelling, and now jewellery just begging to snag on something, you want to keep everything secure and centralized.

Nobody wants their jewellery catching on something, especially for a new piercing.

And therein lies the thing.. given the nature of the piercing, the location of said piercing
and the pufferfish-effect on said tissue when random thoughts or fleeting bits of attractiveness wander across your field of vision... briefs become painfully constricting. Now, unless you're into that kind of thing.. this is bad. You don't want any undo pressure or force on your new piercing, and having it confined to a general location can cause problems.

I've only encountered this recently.  With the swelling up, and until the jewellery started to rotate freely through the piercing on its own, briefs were the way to go.
I even invested in a couple of thongs, as they gave more of a pouch for the front, room to grow, as it were. A decent site to look into acquiring such is HERE .

However, simple things like putting on socks or shoes, bending at the waist while sitting, I would put pressure on the piercing bending over.  This happens to me regardless, but it was worse with briefs.  I don't have boxers, but I've got non-elastic-leg boxer-briefs, and while this still happens, I've got the freedom of movement to move things around to a more comfortable spot to put on said socks and shoes.

Ran into a problem though - as with boxers, you get that freedom of movement, and I am now going to have to temporarily(?) stitch shut the easy-access hole in the front of my boxer-briefs.  I'm a good 10 - 15 minute walk from work.  The tip of my penis slipped out the easy-access hold about a block from home, and the whole trip to work was nothing but  step-rub-stup-rub-step-rub half-happytime half-gothehellaway.

So, really, it comes down to yourself. There are posts you can find about tight pants vs. loose pants, jeans and workout gear.. wear what's A) comfortable for you and 2) causes your piercing the least grief.

2 weeks in:
The new 8mm ball actually rotated into my urethra - once.  Just like the other time, I didn't really notice it until it began to hurt.  Rotating it out was the worst part of the whole thing. Otherwise, it's been pretty good at not giving me any grief.

I'm now at the point where I'm wearing whatever I want, and the only time I really notice is if I'm putting on something tight, form-fitting, or jeans that I've not broken in.

Peeing is almost back on track. If I've really got to go, the stream is kind of spray-ish, reminds me of the positron throwers from Ghostbusters.

Kind of like a stream in one general direction, but there may be some splash-damage in the immediate vicinity. So, if you're a cleaning lady with a squeaky cart of supplies, be careful.

And if you're wondering, yes, the plumbing works just fine in *all* aspects, granted, erections still hurt a little bit depending on what I'm wearing.

So far, all things are looking good towards healing from this.

3 weeks in:

Coming into week three.  the exit-site for the piercing is a little raised, and the beginning of the fistula can be seen, especially after sea-salt soaking or right before I do said soak, as there's a bit of yellow-looking goo, thick and sticky, that forms up around it.  The piercing isn't tender or painful to touch, not red or swollen, or rotate the jewellery through (unless I missed a tidbit of crusty, then it's just uncomfortable, not painful),so it's not an infection.  Just to be safe, I'm using the aftercare spray - Simple Care - methodically, as it stung a bit when used.  When I shower, I lather up well with the anti-bacterial soap and rotate the jewellery as best I can through the suds and such, and rinse thoroughly as well.

I thought I would try working out - on my rowing machine.  I'm going to have to take some precaution with this, as my one leg tends to tap/rub the jewellery, and this morning's workout rotated the 8mm ball into my urethra. Not pleasant. End of workout until I fix this.  I don't want to tape my junk to my abdomen, but tighter underwear isn't a pleasant option either. Taping may be the way to go until I can change the jewellery.

4 weeks in:

So, into Week 4 now.
Still have that thick yellow pus-like substance, only on the one side though, and it's still not tender, red, swollen, sore or any other sign of infection.

I meant to include this back in Week 1, but I've been using some of the mesh sock just behind the corona (or "head") to help keep my skin from folding onto/into the piercing when flaccid. I imagine this is more of a chore for guys who are uncircumsized, as there would more skin pushing forward into the piercing.
Anyhow, I cut double the length I think I'll need, bend it over in the middle and fit it on, as I've found the double-layer helps more then a single layer, which had the tendency to ride up the corona ridge and onto the jewellery, eventually working it's way off my wang throughout the day.

Still doing the sea-salt soaks and the anti-bacterial scrub-up(gentle scrub up & soapy-jewellery rotation with rinse), and I may have to buy more sea-salt, as the sea-salt I have is running out. Mind you, I've had this sea-salt for a couple of years, used off and on with healing the nipple piercings and occasional cooking.

5 weeks in :

Okay, so I think I've got it figured out what that weird pus-like substance is - it's not infection, double checked with my piercer on that one.  I think it's my body breaking down some crusties that get rotated into the fistula. Given that I can't exactly be grabbing my junk and manhandling the jewelry every 3 steps or when I sit down, stand up (fight fight fight) and whatnot, I think that's what it is, given that some days it's none-existent, and others, it's like a big goopy zit got pricked.

Still doing sea-salt soaks and now that I'm working out again, using the healing spray a bit more.

7 weeks in :

Wait wait wait.. what happened to Week 6??
I tested something out, that's what happened to Week 6.
I only did sea salt soaks twice three times that week (as opposed to twice a day).
And I learned a couple things. One is that, it doesn't matter what I do, I'll have that weird pus-y goop until I'm all healed up, and if it's anything like lymph, possibly even after. Two is that, crusties actually help the jewellery stay in place and not move around on[in]  me, so I should save the soaks until after I finish working out.   I also learned that the salt soaks are definitely, definitely the way to go  until you're healed up.. and a good balm for when you change jewellery or do something amusingly stupid, like towel-snap yourself in the tip of your pierced-dick when getting out of the shower.  I've done this to myself about 5 times now, just toweling off, and one of the loose ends of the towel just swings around and snap! right in the HelloI'mAwakeYaFukkers!-button.

So, healing's still going well, even with me taking a week to chance/check a theory that may have hindered the healing a bit.

2 months in : [July]

Today marks 2 months for the piercing.  Still a a fair amount of crusties, but this is at the edges of the fistula. Doing salt-soaks when needed, but mostly a Q-tip and some hot water take care of the crusties with general ease.

Now ladies, you may not understand this, and guys, you should know all too well what I'm talking about:
Floppage.  In your natural relaxed state, El Wangomino tends to flop to one side or the other.  This has had an effect on how the piercing heals - with the ring bearing to the side of floppage.  So, over the last week, I've "adjusted" by flopping myself to the other side..and things've straightened out, though I'm willing to bet this may increase healing time a little bit, as it's readjusting healing tissues.

Either way, 2 months in, still healing like a champ.

3 months in : [August]

Still with the healing-crusties, which is to be expected.
Wore jeans for the first time in three months.  Still not the best idea. Rotated the jewellery while I was sitting in my chair at my desk at work [just by shifting around in my chair] right wham into ye olde dick-hole.
I'm thinking maybe I should find jewellery that's seamless, but not the kind you bend open.  because if I get a larger ball for the CBR, and *it* rotates in.. well, dammit all, now I'm really just stretching the opening of my urethra...the opposite of what I want.

Anyhow.. looking to stretch [gauge up] to 6 soon, and it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

It's now been about 7 months.
I've stretched up to 6ga, which hurt almost as much as the initial piercing. I've never stretched anything before, so I had no idea what it would be like. What I *do* know now, is that a lot more lube will be used if I stretch it again. Water-soluable, body-friendly lube.
So, stretched to 6ga, segment ring. the segment ring is a tight-fit for it's own removal segment piece, which is better for the wearer, as there's less / virtually no gap between segment piece & ring.
Poor Yo, she didn't even have time to put the segment in place before I had to pee like a racehorse putting out a fire.  S'funny, she was worried the ring would come out. Nooooo chance of that happening.

Frankly, a segment ring is the way to go, if you're going to get a ring. No worries of the ball rotating anywhere on you. The only potential downside is that, for the initial piercing, it's not such a good idea, because the segment takes up about 1/4 - 1/5 of the size of the ring, and the edges aren't beveled or smooth, and a hard metal edge is not something you want going through freshly pierced tissue.

Peeing is easier / less messy - no ball causing spray, just the ring itself being an obstacle to the stream.

Sex.. well, I still don't have any real good/bad news for this category. The few times I've been able to "get laid" have been essentially the same: Everything's fine, condoms fit fine over the ring - I just leave a little room for the ring to move, and it's all good. The only thing that makes me worry / raises an eyebrow is that afterwards, there's often a bruise right along the area where the piercing is.  So, I'm looking into ways to toughen that section of skin, or make it more resilient to abuse...and no, frequent masturbation is not the solution, as the jewellery itself needs to be tugged/moved to cause the bruising.


It's now been almost a year. It is May 2, 2014.
This is going to get a bit graphic:

 You Have Been Warned

I had ordered a curved barbell with a larger ball end on the one end, and putting it in was much easier than I expected.  I had ordered large-ring-opening pliers a month ago, so they were here and ready to go. I doused everything in hydrogen peroxide and let it soak for a little bit while I super-hot-water Q-tipped the segment ring, hydrogen peroxide-swabbed, then more hot water'd it before so it wouldn't have any crusties to snag and cause pain or problems upon removal.

It was easier to open than I expected. Then again, I'm a large man, and my piercer, awesome as she is, is a slender woman.  Natural things like muscle mass and strength - predominantly forearm, bicep and grip strength come into play here.

So, one ball-end already screwed onto the curved barbel, everything sitting on paper towel / toilet paper to keep it more sanitary than just the bathroom sink, and I realize, I have no lube to help this thing slide through. These are flat-end metal tube / bars I'm moving through me. Quick grabbed a bottle of after-care spray and sprayed it all up.

Ring-opening pliers in place, give a little squeeze to see how much resistance there is.  There's a bit, but I don't need much for a segment ring to open. So I squeeze it harder, trying to sense any tension or movement of the ring in the tip of my cock, because the jewelry portion that would fracture or break at this point is inside my dick.  This is why you need to buy quality jewelry.

So, segment comes out easily. Rotate the ring a bit, line up barbel with the end of the ring and slowly but steadily push the ring out - from the top of my glans [cockhead] out my urethra.  A small moment of panic strikes when the segment ring stops moving but the barbel is still pushing in.

Then I see it.

Poking out underneath the segment ring is the end of the barbel.  My urethral opening / dick hole has stretched a bit from the ring flopping around and being tugged, pushed and moved from everyday movements. So, screw the large-bead into the open end of the barbel, and snug everything up, spray it down again with the after-care spray.  But the stretched dick hole opening has me a little worried.

Start to push the barbel into my cock and find the bead is big enough to not freely wander into me. But I've been here before. Looking at the length - and I'm glad my piercer was receptive to my want for a longer barbel - I should be fine. There's enough room for an erection without issue, but not so much hanging out when soft to cause problems.

I don't anticipate issues with the barbel catching on my hafada rings or my lorum.
[not visible due to lazy-cock]

My first ring was a CBR and it's ball was big enough it wouldn't appear ot be an issue - but moving around or sitting down/standing up too fast would rotate it right into me. The segment ring took that problem away, but sex [both oral and 'traditional'] was initially uncomfortable, and condoms would pull the ring down to one side and basically mash it into the side of my dick, thus putting stress and pressure on the piercing, leaving me with an interesting bruise afterward. Not exactly pleasant, but you figure out what works soon enough - for me, that was pulling the condom up a little bit to give the ring some wiggle room - which may not be the best idea because condoms are designed to be worn fit, not loose.

Even masturbation was ... different... and not always pleasant. But again, you wind up figuring out what works.

And yes, much like peeing, release is a bit messier, with the ring acting as a mediocre barrier to the blast.

As an aside - exercise should be a bit easier, no ring flopping back & forth as I run or use the rowing machine!

But this is a barbell. Let's see what happens.

Update for the update:
3 days later:
So, despite the large-end ball of the curved barbell being 1/4", it still tried to pull-through my piercing and I've had to go back to the segment ring - which is now a little loose. So I'll be going back to the piercing studio tomorrow to see if my piercer and snug up/tighten the segment ring.

There is some good news - I was able to slide the 6-gauge taper through my lorum with ease. unfortunately, trying to get the barbell through there was more difficult than imagined - smooth surface-on-smooth surface, my tapers are flat-backed, not threaded or concave.  So I'll see if my piercer wouldn't mind fixing the barbell through the Lorum after cinching the segment tighter.

It's been a couple days with the loose segment ring and nothing bad's happened, but why take chances longer than you have to, right?

May 29, 2014 Update:
May 28th 2014 = 1 whole year with the RPA

So! A whole year with the RPA.
In that time, I've stretched it from 8ga to 6ga.  Considering a stretch to 4ga. That's a whole 1mm stretch. Stretches get more painful as you go bigger with gauges [smaller the number, bigger the size], so I'm debating the whole thing.

Even after a whole year, there's still some crusties, but it's not all that bad.

This makes about 2 years with my nipple piercings, 1 year with my RPA and about 6 months or so with my lorum & hafadas.

Wonder what else I'll get?

Friday, June 13, 2014:

So, after applying some old cream-based antibiotics, my left hafada has cleared up and my right is still a bit whiny, but that's because it's still got a ring in it, and sitting all day at work puts stress on the ring, pulling at the piercing.

I bought a bottle of Witch Hazel [liquid] and have been applying it to the angry piercing with a q-tip. Keeps it in check and okay and stops it from getting as stress-inflamed.

My barbels came in, and my awesome piercer has them in her autoclave, so I should be able to get this ring out tomorrow and a barbel in, making for happier piercings.
Pics to follow, of course.

June 24, 2014: End of a neat thing.

So I done fucked up.
Last night I cleared off part of my table and got prepped to see how ready I am for stretching to a 4ga.

I could have stretched to a 5ga if a) I had a 5ga piece of jewelry and 2) I had the proper taper for it.
I don't, on both accounts. Unfortunately, the RPA is one of those piercings known to shrink down / close up in remarkable time, and in the time it took me to bathe my 6ga segment ring in hydrogen peroxide, dry it and lube it with cold-pressed olive oil, it had shrunk to a space between 8ga and 6ga.

It was a stretch to fit the 6ga taper back in, but for some reason I just could not get the segment ring in. So I swapped out for my 6ga curved barbel, and was able to get it in, and then proceeded to try and fit the segment ring in against the barbel - I've done the end-to-end swap before, but just could absolutely not get it to go.

A hot-hot bath and plenty of lube and much frustration, I figured I'd just leave the curved barbel in and see my piercer the next day. So, clean up, and go to bed [but after my class]. At least with jewelry in, I can salvage the piercing and everything should be okay.

A few hours pass while I'm at class, and my RPA piercing is sore and aggravated and just.. hurting.
More than is should.  Bright red like cherry and sensitive to the touch and well, that kinda makes sense, I'd been trying to get jewelry through it. Getting ready for bed and trying to sleep.. painful and sensitive with just underwear or a topsheet, no real pressure on it - this ain't right.

I've had this piercing for over a year and *do not* want to lose it - but I don't want an infection or worse even more. So I take the jewelry out. Coated with a bright white/yellow sticky pus and an immediate sense of relief once the jewelry is out. Clean up the piercing site, slather on the antibiotic cream, wrap my cock up like when it was first pierced and go to bed.

The next morning, in the shower, the hole looks no bigger than 12ga - remember! pierced at 10 immediate stretch to 8..this is now smaller than the original piercing.  Check on it while using the latrine at work and yeah, it's a forgone conclusion. The outside of the fistula looks okay, but the space between the opening and the urethra is done - closed up.

I never made it to the piercer's. At this point, I'm not going to put smaller jewelry in and stretch-stretch-stretch back up, and I have no plans to ever get it pierced again.

I made a slow-moving, super-cautious attempt to get a taper through after work, and no dice. It's closed up and I'm just done.  Super fucking mad at myself for not having taken better precautions, so mad I'm practically calm, that kind of mad.

It feels weird with no jewelry in the head of my cock. ... like something's missing [and it is].
The upshot is, I guess I can wear jeans without issue again.. and I can always get other piercings.
oh, and I can pee standing up without watering the wall again.

But the RPA? That is a one-and-done attempt. And I fucked mine up by not being patient and trying to do things myself.

I'll update the other post with my other piercings as I get them and how they do [behaviour, rejection, whatever].
A year and a month, give or take a few days.
Life is full of experiences, and I hope you have learned something from mine in regards to this one.

:::::::::::Update::::::::::: June 25, 2014
Remember, I'm like a non-mutant Wolverine - I heal quickly, and this area of the body heals more quickly than most [for most folks, your mileage may vary].

So here's approximately 14 hours after - taken in the latrine at work:

At this point, if the urethral-end of the fistula was open [which it surely ain't], I'd be able to get a 14ga piece of jewelry in - but very, very snugly. I'd done my research and knew this would be a fast-closing piercing even up to 10 years after piercing [according to various testimonies], and even with my own healing speed factored in, this surprised me.

Here's about 40 hours after:

Basically completely closed.  What I'll be doing now is applying cold-pressed [fancy talk for Extra Virgin] olive oil and anything safe with Vitamin E in it that I have [no petrolatum, petroleum by-products and stuff like that - right now, that's a multivitamin until I can get some liquid Vitamin-E].  This will prolong the healing a little bit, but actually speed it up - by helping any scar tissue to be absorbed and keep the tissue supple and help my body with the healing process.

So here's a few things I learned with my year+ RPA piercing:

Sex was.. initially painful for me, sometimes for my partner. It was the ring, not the barbel.  The barbel only hurt me, with the ball trying to force its way into my urethra. Other than that, once up and running [so to speak], my partner didn't really notice any difference with or without the jewelry. And that's the 6ga, 3/4" [19mm] diameter ring and the 3/4" long, 1/4" [6.5 - 7mm] large ball curved barbel.

Oral sex was trepidation at first for my partner, but once into it, choking hazard worries and such were done away with logically, but that mental fear, and occasional clink of metal-on-teeth is more than enough dissuade my partner from further funtimes.

So all the 'sex is so much better!' bilge spewed by many people, from my own experience, is absolute horseshit. But the novelty is almost always there and that's something. Especially if you get crative with your jewelry. [for instance - securely attach a vibrating tongue-stud to the end of your jewelry?]

Monday, May 27, 2013

Inking with Frenden brushes

So, despite taking a week off from work (vay-kay-shun? Still don't know what that is), I haven't really had any time, and when the time was made available, the desire wasn't there, to start working away on this new cintiq.

And damn it, I paid enough money for it, I'll bloody well get my money's worth out of it and then some!

Bought some brushes for Manga Studio from Ray Frenden, designed to replicate inking and such..and they work pretty damned good.

This took me about an hour and a half - two hours to figure out what I was doing, and then get it all done. Workflow is much faster than if I was on my ol' Bamboo. This pleases me. I have noticed that the new cintiq (13HD) has what I'm told is typical of cintiqs(and graphics tablets in general)... there's what appears to be grainy-, greasy- (fingerprint-smudgy) or dusty-looking appearance to the screen.  but I find that kind of goes away (or you stop noticing it) once you begin working - really working and focusing on what you're doing.
but, if you're just dicking around, messing up your canvas to warm up or loosen up or just scribble out some random ideas, it's more noticeable then.

Anyhow.. this is what I started with:

and this is the inked, coloured piece:

Ray's right about the new cintiq, much to my chagrin.. it's very `heavy` when it comes to light touches.
using a physically lighter touch, feather-whisking the stylus over the screen as opposed to just using less pressure while stylus is on-screen, results in those uber-thin lines and tapering out into a nice tail.
one could argue that it's replicated painting with a brush more realistically than ever.. which is great if you want to paint.  not so great if you do anything other than painting with a really light hand.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Thanos

This has been rolling around my head for a while, sparked after listening to The Watchtower Podcast  (comic news & reviews) and one od the hosts mentioned an "infinity grill"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New homage art

It's been a while since an update.
Too long.
Hoping to fix that.

I spend more time on twitter and tumblr, but I don't post a whole lot on tumblr.

Anyhow, the below is an Avengers-fueled homage to the talented Lar de Souza. Made in Manga Studio 5 with a mix of stock brushes and Frenden brushes on my new cintiq.

Also, I'm going to discuss a bit about the Cintiq 13HD.
I acquired one recently, after saving up for a cintiq for the better part of a year. Still took a my tax-return-plus-savings to buy it.

I've only ever digitally drawn with a mouse, or, for the past three or four years, on my Bamboo fun+.
Now, with a mouse, the above would take me enragingly too long.  On the Bamboo, the better part of four hours.

So far, including time spend messing around with dishes, drinks, and sorting the garbage, this has taken me a total of two hours. Two hours, from scratch and no real idea of what I was going to draw.  Cut my time by less than half for how I would normally do this kind of art. When you consider a 22-page comic book usually takes an artist a the better part of a month to draw up - just pencils, before passing it off to inkers, then to colorists, that ain't bad.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Personally, I like the thing. A lot.  Ignoring that my system (windows 7 pro) doesn't always like the drivers, and when I try to start a movie or game, I get driver error messages (but they don't actually mess with the drivers now, had to re-install them twice to get them to keep working, which I find odd.)

I normally work with a dual-display, and was hoping to make the Cintiq a 3rd monitor, but come to find out, after some research, that I'll need another video card, for as kickass as my Nvidia geForce 560ti is, it won't support three displays.  Which I find really stupid, because it's got 4 ports on it.

Anyhow.. it's light. Less than 5 pounds. The size of a small monitor - 13 inches, but the resolution is full high-def, 1920X1080.

Now.. performance wise, I find it to be as it should be - performing. The only time I notice any lag between my stylus-stroke and the cursor on screen is when I move really fast, like some back-and-forth brush colouring, but it catches up really quick - it's only noticeable when I'm looking for it. When I'm "in the zone", I don't notice it at all.

Colour differentiation, depth and vibrance are all up to snuff.
Having not tried my hand with the newcomer competition of the Yiyanova MSP19U, a 19inch graphics tablet monitor, I can't compare it.  For that, go talk to Frenden, he's the man for that.
My recommendation is, if you want a cintiq, have cramped table/desk space, and want it more portable than the dinosaurs (of size, age and weight) of old, this is the one for you.  Coming in at about $1,180CAD after taxes (where I bought mine from, anyhow), it's more expensive than the Yiyanova, smaller by about 6inches, but it's a cintiq - and Wacom is still the industry standard/leader [currently].

The key thing to remember, whether it's a new phone, a graphics tablet, a computer or a wife[joke] - is it what YOU want? Does it do the things you want it to do and does it make you a happier person?
If so, don't let others shit on your parade and enjoy your choices.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Been a while since I last posted.
Life sure does have a way of getting in the way of things you intend on doing.

Still trying to get a few things sorted out, but there's light at the end of the tunnel - life seems like t might go a bit easier for a bit.. of course, my paranoid-self is just waiting for it to all explode in my face.

So, for now I'm just going to "ignore" problems that have me stymied and let my unconscious, 'back-brain' work on solving them for now.  Use my energy for something other than frustrated problem-solving failure. I've got expectations that I'll wake up or be doing something mundane and have that 'Ah-hah!' moment and know how to resolve some issues.

Upshots: Bought a rowing machine.  30 minutes on my exercise bike and I can burn around 300 calories if I keep a good, knee-wobbling pace.  5 minutes of a regular and steady pace on the rowing machine burns around 140 calories.  I think we have a winner there!  So I'm trying to fit 5 minutes of rowing in before I go to work.

Time for some quick-art, yeh? Yeah!

Did a little fooling around in Manga Studio 5.  It's still a bit of a learning curve from Manga Studio 4, but all in all, the improvements are nice.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


So, I got sick near the end of the first week of the beachbody detox diet thing - badly sick, couldn't even keep water in me, and that was the end of the diet.  But I stayed sick for 15 days afterwards.

Someone asked me if I thought maybe it was all the toxins coming out.. and sure, maybe, but not likely, given how long I was sick for. And while I was sick, I got a promotion at work, least something good happened in that time.

And hey, I'm better now. So life ain't such a drag anymore. And screw diets.. no more diets. I'll just try (key word) to eat smaller portions and healther, less-processed foods. I've lost 10 pounds and they've stayed off, so, yay.

Wasn't sure what I was going to draw - playing around in Manga Studio 5, man the colouring is so much nicer in this.. I'd heard and seen many artists draw in Manga Studio, then go colour in photoshit..err, photoshop. Yeah, I've got a general dislike-border-hate of photoshop.. such an overpriced tool that even the best designer or artist doesn't begin to use half of it's potential. Anyhow..

Quick, unpolished, and splashed with rough colour.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 1

So it begins.

Badly enough.

I forgot one set of supplements, more than half of my lunch just up and disappeared.. and all day long my brain's been screaming

But no, no cheeseburger.
Yes, the saltwater drink thing. yes the oddly gross and chalky / pasty / weird tasting alkaline drink.  yes the reduced (??) portions.

I'm not measuring my food, just going best-guess for some of it.  Found a 1-cup/8 ounces \ 250ml measuring cup, so I can better-measure the beverages, that much I want to make sure I get as close to right as possible.
but the food? Considering I don't have all the right ingredients to make all the right stuff, I'm best-guessing a lot of it.

It's weird, I actually measured the Cup-and-a-half of mini-potatoes (boiled) for the meal tonight, and it was a LOT of potatoes!  Or maybe it only seemed that way because they were mini-taters, and not a couple of fist-sized taters.  but it was more than I thought it would be.

I'm not doing the breakfasts, instead I'm doing the shakeology, and it's doing me good so far (I started the shakeology a couple days ago).  I can point to shakeology for not being hungry again at 10am or wanting a coke or coffee or however you want to get your caffeine.  The 2 o'clock slump passed me by, as well.

There's no scheduled mid-morning snack, and I don't think I need one (I used to eat a granola bar or two), but there is one for the afternoon.. and I think I may need that more.

Tomorrow is Day 2, which is the last meat I'll be having for the 21-day BeachBody Reset.
I may have made more chicken for the salad than I'll need, so I may leave some for my roommate.. or I may save it for dinner, considering I don't have the ingredients required for that meal.

So, aside from basically missing lunch, no ill-effects as of yet.. though we'll see what the coming days hold.

Oh, yeah, here's some quick art.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The preparation begins

So, went out with my buddy who's doing this detox / body reset thing.
You can check out his great progress at slimming down & getting healthy here.
Dude was awesome enough to give me a month's supply of Shakeology for free.
This'll make the diet thing so much easier, because I can make the drink before going to bed,
leave it in my fridge overnight, get up, drink it and not worry about breakfast.

Went grocery shopping.  about $150 later, I've got enough stuff to get me through the dietary change and all that for what is supposedly *at least* 2 weeks.  I hope so.

A few bags of bean-based stuff, a thing to make soups, lots of veggies and leafy-salads.
I've got to read the book and watch the dvds this weekend and prepare the meals for myself for the week so I can just eat them instead of make-then-eat, because if I have ot make them before eating, I probably won't want to make them, and then won't eat them.

It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.. apparently I'm not supposed to work out while doing this, and  because I've not been exercising while my foot heals from surgery.  Now that the foot's almost better, I'm doing this diet thing.  But I'll start banging those weights out again eventually!

So.. 2 more days.. gonna start drinking more fluids, eating less "solids"... try and get the body a bit prepped for this thing.

Oh, and some art! a quick rough Zahlm B.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January quick art

Being a bit more calorie-conscious, I realize my dinner was about 2000 - 2500 calories.
Not good.. but then, my breakfast was non-existent and my lunch couldn't have been more than 800.
Add in about a half-hour of walking and I think if I didn't have that second-helping of dinner, I'd've been okay for caloric intake today.

Almost as important as caloric intake, is art intake.. or more precisely, output.

Doodled this out while watching Sons of Anarchy.  Took about 20 minutes, should've only taken 5.

Ah well.
Everybody loves Wolverine., love-to-hate, whatever.  At least he's not Deadpool. That thing is everywhere worse than Wolverine ever was.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New year and all that

Okay, so it's the first couple of weeks into the new year and wow it sucks balls already.

Between my dad having Stage-4 cancer, work being work and promises at work once again not being held up, lack of oomph to get my artwork done and regaining whatever weight I had lost, yeah, December-January sucks balls.

A buddy of mine who does this ...whatever it is.. lifestyle change? yeah, lifestyle change is the only apt descriptor, anyhow.. he's been on me for a while to do some of this stuff, and I see the results with him and his wife and I think "yeah, easy for you, you got a wife to nag you about that stuff " (not that she nags him, she's actually one of the good wives you never hear about).
So anyhow.. he does this beachbody/shakeology thing and while I am definitely not a cardio guy (I much prefer banging weights to running on the hamster-wheel), he convinced me to try this detox/body-reset thing.
Not hard to convince a person when you pay for half of it!

You can check out his thingimajig here.

So anyhow.. today is monday.(evening)
The rest of this week I'll be deep-frying and double-dipping and drinking all my booze, all my tasty foods, all the stuff in my fridge and freezer that's not good for me and tasty so damnably tasty... then Friday or Saturday we're gonna do a grocery run and get all the stuff required for this thing.. and then we're gonna do it together.  Accountability and all that.

I probably shouldn't have that "one last hurrah" and instead get my gastrointestinal self and the rest of my body&mind prepared for approximately half the calories and strengthen my willpower so I don't take people's heads off at the hips when they annoy me.  I've been warned this can make people cranky, and I'm a grumpy person to begin with.

There are more things that need to change than just my diet (diet being understood as whatever you eat).
Back to the art. Maybe a better (objective term there) job? Expand the social circle. Turn my sedentary activities into things that are enjoyable or "work" again (this falls under making art, and enjoying video games again.. I've come to just not enjoy them lately - and it's not a good sign when something you were passionate about becomes something you are apathetic about)

So, I'll be blogging about the 21-day detox/bodycleanse deal, and post some art that goes along with it.
It's time to shoot the messenger and ride that horse into the ground. And when the horse dies from exhaustion, carve it up into jerky and keep walking until I hit the Art-Land. ...and lose a few belt-notches while I'm at it.
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