Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 1

So it begins.

Badly enough.

I forgot one set of supplements, more than half of my lunch just up and disappeared.. and all day long my brain's been screaming

But no, no cheeseburger.
Yes, the saltwater drink thing. yes the oddly gross and chalky / pasty / weird tasting alkaline drink.  yes the reduced (??) portions.

I'm not measuring my food, just going best-guess for some of it.  Found a 1-cup/8 ounces \ 250ml measuring cup, so I can better-measure the beverages, that much I want to make sure I get as close to right as possible.
but the food? Considering I don't have all the right ingredients to make all the right stuff, I'm best-guessing a lot of it.

It's weird, I actually measured the Cup-and-a-half of mini-potatoes (boiled) for the meal tonight, and it was a LOT of potatoes!  Or maybe it only seemed that way because they were mini-taters, and not a couple of fist-sized taters.  but it was more than I thought it would be.

I'm not doing the breakfasts, instead I'm doing the shakeology, and it's doing me good so far (I started the shakeology a couple days ago).  I can point to shakeology for not being hungry again at 10am or wanting a coke or coffee or however you want to get your caffeine.  The 2 o'clock slump passed me by, as well.

There's no scheduled mid-morning snack, and I don't think I need one (I used to eat a granola bar or two), but there is one for the afternoon.. and I think I may need that more.

Tomorrow is Day 2, which is the last meat I'll be having for the 21-day BeachBody Reset.
I may have made more chicken for the salad than I'll need, so I may leave some for my roommate.. or I may save it for dinner, considering I don't have the ingredients required for that meal.

So, aside from basically missing lunch, no ill-effects as of yet.. though we'll see what the coming days hold.

Oh, yeah, here's some quick art.

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