Monday, January 14, 2013

New year and all that

Okay, so it's the first couple of weeks into the new year and wow it sucks balls already.

Between my dad having Stage-4 cancer, work being work and promises at work once again not being held up, lack of oomph to get my artwork done and regaining whatever weight I had lost, yeah, December-January sucks balls.

A buddy of mine who does this ...whatever it is.. lifestyle change? yeah, lifestyle change is the only apt descriptor, anyhow.. he's been on me for a while to do some of this stuff, and I see the results with him and his wife and I think "yeah, easy for you, you got a wife to nag you about that stuff " (not that she nags him, she's actually one of the good wives you never hear about).
So anyhow.. he does this beachbody/shakeology thing and while I am definitely not a cardio guy (I much prefer banging weights to running on the hamster-wheel), he convinced me to try this detox/body-reset thing.
Not hard to convince a person when you pay for half of it!

You can check out his thingimajig here.

So anyhow.. today is monday.(evening)
The rest of this week I'll be deep-frying and double-dipping and drinking all my booze, all my tasty foods, all the stuff in my fridge and freezer that's not good for me and tasty so damnably tasty... then Friday or Saturday we're gonna do a grocery run and get all the stuff required for this thing.. and then we're gonna do it together.  Accountability and all that.

I probably shouldn't have that "one last hurrah" and instead get my gastrointestinal self and the rest of my body&mind prepared for approximately half the calories and strengthen my willpower so I don't take people's heads off at the hips when they annoy me.  I've been warned this can make people cranky, and I'm a grumpy person to begin with.

There are more things that need to change than just my diet (diet being understood as whatever you eat).
Back to the art. Maybe a better (objective term there) job? Expand the social circle. Turn my sedentary activities into things that are enjoyable or "work" again (this falls under making art, and enjoying video games again.. I've come to just not enjoy them lately - and it's not a good sign when something you were passionate about becomes something you are apathetic about)

So, I'll be blogging about the 21-day detox/bodycleanse deal, and post some art that goes along with it.
It's time to shoot the messenger and ride that horse into the ground. And when the horse dies from exhaustion, carve it up into jerky and keep walking until I hit the Art-Land. ...and lose a few belt-notches while I'm at it.

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