Friday, January 18, 2013

The preparation begins

So, went out with my buddy who's doing this detox / body reset thing.
You can check out his great progress at slimming down & getting healthy here.
Dude was awesome enough to give me a month's supply of Shakeology for free.
This'll make the diet thing so much easier, because I can make the drink before going to bed,
leave it in my fridge overnight, get up, drink it and not worry about breakfast.

Went grocery shopping.  about $150 later, I've got enough stuff to get me through the dietary change and all that for what is supposedly *at least* 2 weeks.  I hope so.

A few bags of bean-based stuff, a thing to make soups, lots of veggies and leafy-salads.
I've got to read the book and watch the dvds this weekend and prepare the meals for myself for the week so I can just eat them instead of make-then-eat, because if I have ot make them before eating, I probably won't want to make them, and then won't eat them.

It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.. apparently I'm not supposed to work out while doing this, and  because I've not been exercising while my foot heals from surgery.  Now that the foot's almost better, I'm doing this diet thing.  But I'll start banging those weights out again eventually!

So.. 2 more days.. gonna start drinking more fluids, eating less "solids"... try and get the body a bit prepped for this thing.

Oh, and some art! a quick rough Zahlm B.

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