Monday, May 27, 2013

Inking with Frenden brushes

So, despite taking a week off from work (vay-kay-shun? Still don't know what that is), I haven't really had any time, and when the time was made available, the desire wasn't there, to start working away on this new cintiq.

And damn it, I paid enough money for it, I'll bloody well get my money's worth out of it and then some!

Bought some brushes for Manga Studio from Ray Frenden, designed to replicate inking and such..and they work pretty damned good.

This took me about an hour and a half - two hours to figure out what I was doing, and then get it all done. Workflow is much faster than if I was on my ol' Bamboo. This pleases me. I have noticed that the new cintiq (13HD) has what I'm told is typical of cintiqs(and graphics tablets in general)... there's what appears to be grainy-, greasy- (fingerprint-smudgy) or dusty-looking appearance to the screen.  but I find that kind of goes away (or you stop noticing it) once you begin working - really working and focusing on what you're doing.
but, if you're just dicking around, messing up your canvas to warm up or loosen up or just scribble out some random ideas, it's more noticeable then.

Anyhow.. this is what I started with:

and this is the inked, coloured piece:

Ray's right about the new cintiq, much to my chagrin.. it's very `heavy` when it comes to light touches.
using a physically lighter touch, feather-whisking the stylus over the screen as opposed to just using less pressure while stylus is on-screen, results in those uber-thin lines and tapering out into a nice tail.
one could argue that it's replicated painting with a brush more realistically than ever.. which is great if you want to paint.  not so great if you do anything other than painting with a really light hand.

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