Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update on the piercing

Okay, so, as all of you fine readers may or may not know, months ago I got an RPA piercing.

You can read about my experience with it here .

Since then, I've had my ears re-pierced, - the left was pierced years and years ago, but I like symmetry, so they were both done at 12ga. The vertical left nipple removed [to potentially be re-pierced later] and I've since stretched the RPA from 8ga to 6 ga.

I've never had anything stretched. Should've been more patient and stretched my ears first, to have an idea of how much it'd hurt.

It hurt almost as much as the initial piercing, and of course, before my poor piercer [the ever-awesome Yo] could put the bead in the ring, I had to pee wicked pissah bad. She was concerned the ring would move/slip out with the urine stream - which it didn't. It didn't even move.  Amazing what a difference 0.8mm can make [3.2 to 4, 8ga to 6ga.].

Like most piercings, it's that initial pain and discomfort, then it's done and woo-YEAH, all happy-awesome.

If you've read the previous post, you'll recall I've had issues with the ball for the CBRs. We got a huge ball, I want to say 1/2" or 3/4", but would have to re-measure it at this point, which means digging through my satchel to find it..then find my ruler, and frankly, I'm not gonna do that right now.

So, had ordered a segment ring, which Yo had advised against initially - and as much as I respect her, and can understand why.. I gotta go with segment ring all the way so far.
For all the complaints people have of peeing issues - urine stream interruption and spray, I've had none of that so far. Makes sense to me - when you pee, the urine follows the design of the jewellery [typically a ring, in this case, upwards from the urethra] and when it hits the ball of the CBR - depending on proximity to the end of your urethra - either force + gravity + obstacle = urine-stream backflow and potential dribble/spray, and if it's close, force + obstacle = large spray + stream.

With a segment ring, there's no ball to get in the way. And the piece Yo ordered is absolute-beaut. You can barely see the segments, and and the one is so tight and snug you can barely *see* it.

So, got the CBR swapped out for a segment ring. Happyhappy with it.

One last thing:

I can not be more adamant or clear that if you're stretching or changing your jewellery, take more-than-adequate time to ensure the jewellery coming out is clean. Because if you've got any healing-crusties or anything on it, it will try to shred your healing/healed\tender fistula when it gets rotated through.

Update: Nov.28, 2013:
Okay, so, it doesn't matter - if you've got a piercing through your urethra, you either need really amazing aim [bank shots, even] or a good proximity to your target. After a few tankards [actual tankards, my apartment is very, very dry in the winter] of water yesterday I went to relieve myself and watched a double-helix stream for a moment before correcting. Thankfully, it wasn't far-off the mark and no mess requiring to be cleaned.

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