Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Assholes Everywhere - ALL THE TIME

After more than a decade of trying to scrape enough together to get a vehicle, I finally have a job where I can afford one.  I acquired a 1988 van 9 days ago. Got it insured and paid for parking where I live. Today is Day 9 and today some fuckhat broke into it and tried to steal it. Smashed out the passenger-side window with a pry-bar [as evidenced by the window frame warping] and smashed out the plastic steering column cover [one piece, non-removable] and proceeded to go all sloppy-hands with a length of metal wire about 1/4” thick down said steering column [they left it in] to get the vehicle to start after breaking open my ignition switch, which has resulted in some mishaps with the system, such as wipes and sprayers working/not working respectively, and intermittently. The key locks/entries were also fucked up.
My insurance doesn’t cover this. The glass replacement alone is $200-minimum. It’s coming up Christmas. Not sure I can afford repairs. Not sure I want to put up with this shit anymore. It took over a week playing telephone-tag to get the insurance. The van is in great shape, with a lot of new parts.  I am so pissed off at the selfish, ignorant, waste-of-life cuntglob that broke in and tried - and failed - to steal my van that I’m considering selling it for scrap. 
This is just about the last straw. Every single fucking time I get something “good”, there’s a fuck-ton and mile-run of of misery and shit that nigh-immediately follows it. All my life. And I’m just done. 
I’m just.. done. 

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