Thursday, February 14, 2013


So, I got sick near the end of the first week of the beachbody detox diet thing - badly sick, couldn't even keep water in me, and that was the end of the diet.  But I stayed sick for 15 days afterwards.

Someone asked me if I thought maybe it was all the toxins coming out.. and sure, maybe, but not likely, given how long I was sick for. And while I was sick, I got a promotion at work, least something good happened in that time.

And hey, I'm better now. So life ain't such a drag anymore. And screw diets.. no more diets. I'll just try (key word) to eat smaller portions and healther, less-processed foods. I've lost 10 pounds and they've stayed off, so, yay.

Wasn't sure what I was going to draw - playing around in Manga Studio 5, man the colouring is so much nicer in this.. I'd heard and seen many artists draw in Manga Studio, then go colour in photoshit..err, photoshop. Yeah, I've got a general dislike-border-hate of photoshop.. such an overpriced tool that even the best designer or artist doesn't begin to use half of it's potential. Anyhow..

Quick, unpolished, and splashed with rough colour.

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