Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New homage art

It's been a while since an update.
Too long.
Hoping to fix that.

I spend more time on twitter and tumblr, but I don't post a whole lot on tumblr.

Anyhow, the below is an Avengers-fueled homage to the talented Lar de Souza. Made in Manga Studio 5 with a mix of stock brushes and Frenden brushes on my new cintiq.

Also, I'm going to discuss a bit about the Cintiq 13HD.
I acquired one recently, after saving up for a cintiq for the better part of a year. Still took a my tax-return-plus-savings to buy it.

I've only ever digitally drawn with a mouse, or, for the past three or four years, on my Bamboo fun+.
Now, with a mouse, the above would take me enragingly too long.  On the Bamboo, the better part of four hours.

So far, including time spend messing around with dishes, drinks, and sorting the garbage, this has taken me a total of two hours. Two hours, from scratch and no real idea of what I was going to draw.  Cut my time by less than half for how I would normally do this kind of art. When you consider a 22-page comic book usually takes an artist a the better part of a month to draw up - just pencils, before passing it off to inkers, then to colorists, that ain't bad.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Personally, I like the thing. A lot.  Ignoring that my system (windows 7 pro) doesn't always like the drivers, and when I try to start a movie or game, I get driver error messages (but they don't actually mess with the drivers now, had to re-install them twice to get them to keep working, which I find odd.)

I normally work with a dual-display, and was hoping to make the Cintiq a 3rd monitor, but come to find out, after some research, that I'll need another video card, for as kickass as my Nvidia geForce 560ti is, it won't support three displays.  Which I find really stupid, because it's got 4 ports on it.

Anyhow.. it's light. Less than 5 pounds. The size of a small monitor - 13 inches, but the resolution is full high-def, 1920X1080.

Now.. performance wise, I find it to be as it should be - performing. The only time I notice any lag between my stylus-stroke and the cursor on screen is when I move really fast, like some back-and-forth brush colouring, but it catches up really quick - it's only noticeable when I'm looking for it. When I'm "in the zone", I don't notice it at all.

Colour differentiation, depth and vibrance are all up to snuff.
Having not tried my hand with the newcomer competition of the Yiyanova MSP19U, a 19inch graphics tablet monitor, I can't compare it.  For that, go talk to Frenden, he's the man for that.
My recommendation is, if you want a cintiq, have cramped table/desk space, and want it more portable than the dinosaurs (of size, age and weight) of old, this is the one for you.  Coming in at about $1,180CAD after taxes (where I bought mine from, anyhow), it's more expensive than the Yiyanova, smaller by about 6inches, but it's a cintiq - and Wacom is still the industry standard/leader [currently].

The key thing to remember, whether it's a new phone, a graphics tablet, a computer or a wife[joke] - is it what YOU want? Does it do the things you want it to do and does it make you a happier person?
If so, don't let others shit on your parade and enjoy your choices.

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