Thursday, December 5, 2013

Slap it together, make it quick

Sometimes you just *gotta* get something down.
Unrefined, but not quite raw. You've got a muddy picture in your head, but not enough time to get it out right and proper and ready for the world.
.....not that anything is every ready for the world......

I'd had an idea rolling in my head for a day, and thought `this might be a good idea` and let it brew.
Then I did ye olde google search and wow.. about a hundred other people had the same idea, and the most popular one was rather shit-eating-snarky about it. Well that's a downer, for sure.

Still, I like the idea, but need to play-doh it a bit, let it grow from what it currently is to what it can be.
The best roses are covered in shit[fertilizer] and pruned regularly and carefully
Nothing like a handful of poop and dirt to help an idea-seed grow, right?
So.. some poopy-dirt [as it were]:

This is the first of many designs for the character. Not sure I want her to have a gun, especially the happy-handcannon designs I like [hearkening back to old sci-fi movies]
The colour scheme will most likely change as well before the final design is done.
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