Friday, December 12, 2014

Anne Bonny Vs. Poseidon

Doing more Sketch_Dailies and the one day was pirate Anne Bonny, followed the next day by Poseidon. Sometimes, life hands you limes. Other times, life gives you limes and coconuts.
Put that lime in the coconut, drink them both up!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sketch Dailies - Mr. Freeze

I'm really "behind" on the whole Sketch Dailies topics - behind if we assume I was trying to do every single topic every single day.

For the re-design I figured I'd try a little classic '66 Batman Mr. Freeze with the tanks, but upgrade from a cumbersome person-sized cannon or cable-attached pistol / blaster, I'd go with gauntlets.

Given what I know of Mr. Freeze, that he requires sub-zero [Fahrenheit] temperatures to survive, what if part of the accident that warped him made it so he gave off such temperatures? So the gauntlets would help him focus blasts of cold, and the tubing leading to the tanks enables him to store some in reserve so he doesn't overdo it, depleting his needed temperature by emitting it in focused blasts.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

NSFW - Apadravya Piercing Experience


This is going to be graphic and has images of male genitalia.


Today was the day.

I had an appointment 2 days ago, but when I got there, I had headspaced / thought myself out of it.
The fear of the pain wussed me right down and out, and the next day I was kicking myself hard for losing a day that I could have spent healing, instead of waiting. Instead of heading back down being all hyped up, I know myself well enough to wait and see if it's just me being angry at myself for not jumping on an opportunity or for letting myself down - and feeling like I let other people down by not getting it done at the appointed time. So was I just hyped up or was I certain I wanted this? Sleep on it. See about it in the morning.

I went down today, and talked to some good folks, and they let me know when the ever-awesome Yo would be in, and I said sign me up - I've been kicking myself for not getting it done when I was originally here and blah blah blah.

There was a couple of girls ahead of me, getting some jewelry taken out [yes, this happens - this is why you should be sure you want your piercing and aren't just looking for the adrenaline rush or some lesser reason other than that you want it.], so hey, no big deal, gives me a bit more time to wuss out again.

The girls leave and I go back and we talk for a bit and then I get up on the table/bench/chair thing, scrooch my pants down to my knees - the last time Yo did an RPA [Reverse Prince Albert] on me, I had only unbuttoned my pants and scooched them down a little bit. This time she wanted more room to work, and I was okay with that. A cramped work space makes for a higher chance of mistakes, and I wanted noooooo mistakes on this.

You can read the post about getting my RPA and the year that followed here. It's about as graphic as this post and has more images.

I sweat when I'm nervous. And the thought of a needle the size of the wiring in your house going through my dick is enough to make anyone nervous. It turns out the heat was also on high.  We got a fan going and I got comfy and we did it lickity-split.
Normally Yo and I banter back and forth and eventually get down to business, but this time, the banter was less, and yeah, let's do this thing.

This is now the 3rd or 4th most pain I've experienced - somewhere between the RPA and the RPA stretch to a bigger gauge. Again, this was a pierce-and-stretch.

I could have had it just pierced, but that tends to lead to bleeding for a few days on and off, sometimes through wrapping and clothing.

The pierce-and-stretch is like poking a hole and then plugging it with a slightly-bigger-than-the-hole plug. It stretches the freshly-made wound. So yeah, it hurts.

Before starting, we called out to the tattoo artist in the next booth over to see if he was working - he was, so we gave him fair warning I would probably hollar and yell, and everything was okay.
Because hey, if you're getting a tattoo, and your artist is jarred by some person in the next booth over crying about their pain, you don't want your tattoo artist to muck up your tattoo, right?

So.. mark the area, and Yo is being super-careful and triple-checking her markings so they all line up and we're both aware of the risks and such and then okay.

So deep breath in, let it out slow and I knew it was gonna hurt.
Let's be real honest here - no matter how much you abuse yourself, someone else doing it to/for you, it's a different experience. And a needle makes pain like nothing else [except other needles, duh].
And I hollar.

Then the taper and stretch.
And I hollar some more. I had forgotton how much this hurrrrrrts.

It turns out then when Yo clamped my cock, and pierced it, the tissue didn't spread out like expected, so now my cock looks like it's been smushed.  This'll go away in time as the skin lets go of the jewelry and things acclimate to each other.

Now I will say this - no receiving tube was nice. To get an RPA or a PA, a good, reputable, piercer normally inserts a receiving tube down your urethra, which is tapered at one end [even if it's a blunt point, it's a point poking inside your dick] So the discomfort and pain I felt was all needle and stretch and jewelry.
But it still hurt like a pain you want to share with others.

Now the real trick is.. you can't move during this.
Some folks flinch when they get their eyebrow or ear pierced, some almost jump when they get their nipples peirced - don't do that, it could cause issues. And with a needle in your dick?? grip the edge of that bed/table like it owes you a billion dollars [tax free] and it's overdue in paying you.  Hold it still and stay the course, "this too shall pass". And it will. Pain is for a moment, and then it dissipates.
In this case, into a mild achey-throb that  pokes back into pain when I do something like sit down or take the stairs up to my dwelling.

I've done this before so I know the pain will go away. But while it's here, it plays like a full-grown lion-bear with electric meat-hook paws clawing my nerve endings like it's trying to do some kind of sadistic version of snuggling into a warm, spongy, meaty blanket of dick.

Yo wraps me up so I don't bleed into my clothes and we talk about wrapping and if the pain is bugging me, take a tylenol to help with it, but be careful.  So we're all done and I'm lying on the table/bench/chair/thing sweating and trying to cool down and Yo's cleaning up and we're chatting and then it happens. I expected it to happen sooner.

You can't give a penis attention with it wanting to stand up for that attention.
But it won't let go of the jewelry and is still smushed. Ow.
Ow. Ow.
Ow ow ow owwwww ow, knock it off you! Go back to sleep!
I know I had you jabbed with a needle while you were hiding from the cold [it snowed today, if you're a guy, you know what shrinkage entails].

So I hang out for a bit, we share a drink and chat a bit, and it's closing time. Am I gonna take a cab? No, I don't live that far away, besides, it's not that bad out.

Now for wrapping, I've got a technique I used for my RPA [check out that older post] and it's working well so far.

I know this because I'd had a juice box and bottle of water at the tattoo shop, and a can of Cherry Crush soda.  Then going from a warm environment, into the cold, back into a warm environment means I gotta pee. Which means I gotta take the wrapping off - carefully - and re-wrap when I'm done.

A little blood, as expected. A little blood in my urine - as expected. Not through the whole stream, just at the start. Re-wrap and on with my night. Wrapped in a way that I should be able to pee now without having to wrap / re-wrap constantly, I'll find out how well this works when I pee next.

I expect tomorrow will go better.

Day 2:

Healing well. A little bleeding in the dressing from last night - probably because I rolled over in my sleep.  Other than that, nothing noteworthy happening, except I'm still waiting for the swelling to arrive that normally accompanies piercings. So far, there's been no swelling.

Oh.. the jewelry poked through an elastic mesh that I'm using to keep the wrapping in place. That made taking it off for a shower interesting until I noticed what was going on.

Day 4:

Healing as well as expected, especially from the more-painful pierce&stretch.

Now, for me, peeing isn't a big deal. My bathroom sink is about dick-high, so I can just fop it out on the edge of the sink, run some water and good to go. This is how I dealt with peeing, initially, when I had the RPA. But I've come to find I can pee normally, the bar doesn't provide any issues with stream or flow. This is a welcome surprise.

Still no swelling, which was surprising. And after 3 days with no erections, I started to get a little worried. But at the same time, I didn't want to tickle the dragon while still healing, but still....
Well, let's just say that the extra space on the bar I had anticipated would be needed for swelling .... is indeed needed for "swelling".
I could opt [later, like 6 months from now later, at the earliest] for a shorter bar, as it's only at full-steam-ahead do I run out of space for expansion, but seeing as how the bottom ball has only caught on one of my hafada rings once, and that was a bit of a forced objection, I'm not too worried about it.

Day 6:

So there's been no sign of bleeding for 36 hours, and the bar slides easily enough in the shower. the piercing sites [or, top & bottom of the piercing, if you will] are still sensitive, and as I found out last night, getting into and out of vehicles or restaurant booths is a bit of a challenge when you can't just reach down & re-arrange yourself in polite company or public.

I slept without a wrap for the last 2 days, and last night was "au natural", which was actually more comfortable than when wearing pajama bottoms or underwear. Granted, if you tend to roll over or sleep on your stomach, you'll probably want to keep wrapped-and-trapped [wrapped & underwear or pajamas] for extra stability in case you do roll over in your sleep.

Apadravya, Lorum & 2 Hafadas

Fresh from the shower - you can see how much longer the barbel is - which is what you want for any swelling from the piercing, and you would think is good when you have an erection. However, you should really measure your glans [head of your cock] while both flaccid or 'limp', and again when you're erect.  If I had gone with the limp measurement, I'd have been fine until Day 3 when I finally got an erection.  I was starting to get worried because hey, still in the prime of my life and a day without an erection is just weird.

So now I wait for healing until I can get a slightly smaller barbel, which will be a few months at the very earliest. Until then, I think it's gonna be briefs for extra support.

Speaking of underwear, today is an experiment with boxers. The preceding few days were all briefs [a.k.a. tighty-whiteys] and helped with keeping things secure and from wandering around.
With the healing going well, I figured today would be a good day to see how things went with a less-supporting garment.

So far all is good.

4 Weeks:

Okay, 4 week in, and healing amazingly well - despite it being very, very dry where I live. Dry feet, dry scalp, dry everything. So dry I wake up in the middle of the night choking on my own dry throat.

So I've discovered a few things.  It don't matter what kind of underwear you wear - things move and shift as your day goes on, and you may want to consider the next size up until you can get proper-fitting jewelry, because normal-fitting underwear is not too conducive to happy times when you get an erection. Boxers or briefs, it don't matter.  I had a bad experience with both - and frankly, the boxers were worse.

I'm a big guy. Boxer-legs bunch up, the hole in the front rarely has a button and even with one, sometimes your snake slips out. Then you stand up or take a step or whatever, and everything pulls tight - and your dick gets snagged, which is bad enough, but worse is the jewelry getting caught. At least with briefs, it was just a matter of not enough room to grow, as it were.

Speaking of erections [this is something you'll have to do for yourself because we're all a bit different] there's a difference between hard and soft. For me, it ranges between between 1/8" & 1/4" of space on the bar is needed. Unfortunately, that means when I'm not hard, there's that extra space on the bar hanging out, which can get caught on whatever, or for example, while you're toweling off from the shower, the tip of your towel snaps the jewelry and hello, yes I'm awake! Fuuuuuuuck that's gonna be sore.

When taking measurements, make sure you do both soft & hard, and make notes about the sizes required - because you don't want a bar that's too short and pulls-in or pinches when you get a hard-on, and you don't want extra length unnecessarily hanging out, waiting to catch on clothing or toilet seats or whatever. It's still a good idea to have your peircer swap the jewelry for you.

One of the key things to remember - is you've essentially got a Reverse Prince Albert and a Prince Albert piercing.. while PAs are remarkably fast healing, RPAs are slow and finicky - they look like they're healed, then you try to stretch or swap jewelry and it blows out or wants to close up, so be careful, and above all, be patient with it. I'm only 4 weeks into healing, and as much as I want to swap to better fitting jewelry, I've got to wait.

Now the good news is, if you order from somewhere like BodyArtForms , then you're going to have to wait the time it takes to make and ship the jewelry, which can easily cover most of the initial 3-month healing period.

6 Weeks: 

Waiting on custom jewelry. Gotta take the bar down from 1 & 1/4" to 1 & 1/8", losing 1/8" gives me less room to snag, but room to grow.  If you look at the closest images above, specifically the one on the right, take the extra bar sticking out length & cut it in half. That'll be my new wearable length.

On another note - sex was painful. Granted, it's only been 6 weeks from the healing, so there's still plenty of healing to go, but it wasn't the act itself, so much as the insertion/pulling out.  Given the amount of jewelry that is exposed, I expected some awkward sensations, perhaps pain, but this was sharp and immediate - both for her and myself. Once actually inside, she said it felt nice - I can hardly wait to get larger balls on the end of that bar! - but coming out was a bit of a trick.

Now.. condoms are your best friend when it comes to sex. We know this, it makes sense, and so on and so forth, and in this case, Hooo-whee does your best friend come through for you! Stable pressure on both ends of the jewelry, no major worries about pressure on one end ramming the ball into your dick like a tiny blunt hunk of shrapnel, just all-around goodness for everyone involved. ...once you both get accustomed to slipping in / pulling out, that is.

2 Months:

Still waiting on the custom-bar to finish fabrication..and then the shipping.
By and large all things are pretty good. Occasional crusties and rolling over in my sleep are still annoying, but not as painful as they were initially.
Only 10 more months until I give serious consideration to stretching.
Want to make sure it's good and healed and cemented in it's healing before I stretch.

3 Months: 

New jewellery showed up, it's 1/11" shorter but with 1/8" larger balls  [from 1/4 to 3/8].
Fits so much better. Maybe it's the larger balls, or the shorter ball, but no more getting a ball caught in the Hafada rings.  [sad note - had to take the Lorum out, it was starting to reject. Might get it re-done, but with more skin to anchor it this time].

October 6, 2015:
A sad day...
I'd suspected the Appy was migrating - hopefully not rejecting - since about July.
Took measurements about once a month, and the top was migrating towards the urethral opening at about 1mm/month. Start of October, I thought something might be wrong. Took measurements every couple of days... and from Oct. 2 -> 5 it moved 2mm.
I took out the barbell last night, and put a PA ring in through the bottom.
Normally, the top heals up pretty fast,  but after 24 hours I was able to slide a 16ga [shrunk down from 10ga]
Oddly enough, I was able to stretch the bottom hole to 6ga. It had naturally stretched to 8ga.

So now I'm kind of sad it's gone... but sex was never really great with it - once I could find the right angle to slip in without pain to either of us, it was fine... just that initial `hump` to get over, if you'll pardon the pun.
So I'm debating having it done for a third time.. or just going with ye olde regular PA for now.

February 2, 2016:

Someone was curious how the healing looks - bear in mind I had an RPA done, and I messed it up by trying to stretch too soon, then I had an Apadravya done, and it began migrating out after almost a year of being in - these are *my* experiences. Your mileage may vary

Photos were taken today.

So, yeah. The scarring resembles a dimple, it's a bit of hard tissue - well, hard compared to the general squishiness of the tissue, and it doesn't hurt or anything

No loss of sensation or anything - the spot is so small it's almost negligible.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inktober & Sketch_Dailies

Instead of the usual digital-ink, I decided to bust out my watercolour postcards and copic markers that I've got stashed in a box with other physical art supplies [as opposed to ethereal, digital ones]. If you're wondering, I buy the majority of my stuff from Curry's Art Supplies.  They usually carry whatever I'm looking for, and at a better price than most of the other local shops.

The other local shops are okay and all, don't get me wrong - but there's some weird cool-guy / hipster / artsy-fartsy kinda vibe I get from them... like if you don't have permanent, expensive-brand grease-paint stains under your fingernails or in your horribly-high-schoolish mustache, you're not a "real artist" kinda vibe / impression. And I don't know about you, but I don't care about my `struggling artist / hipster / cool guy` street cred or whatever.. if I've got the choice of the same item at two different prices? I'm going with the cheaper price because hey, life is expensive enough!

I'd started to sketch this out in my sketchbook, and my brain kept telling me it was from some videogame I'd played when I was a kid, but I couldn't remember what game, even though Ogre Battle for the SNES kept coming to mind, but the style is all wrong and the pumpkin-head critters from that game are more scarecrow-jack-o-lanterns than this thing.

Yes, this is actual postcard that I've made, signed & dated on the back.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Inktober 2014

Here's a few more pieces for Inktober. Helping my brother move his family, so I don't always have time to do the art thing.

The topics were #Penguin and #CreatureFromTheBlackLagoon

Figured go with the batman villain, as I didn't want to draw tuxes, nuns or animals.

As for the critter from the black lagoon, figured try something cutesy.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Inktober Starts

October has begun, and with it, the art-driven month-long challenge of Inktober.  Basically, draw and ink something everyday.  As you will nave noticed, I've been slack in my updating and posting here. So, I've got both another Sketch_dailies topic and yesterday's Inktober doodle to show off.

Sketch_dailies was a dustbunny:

and the Inktober was Judge Dredd:

Friday, September 12, 2014

More Sketch Dailies

I've not been doing any Sketch Dailies daily topics on twitter.  Instead, I've been making conglomerations and amalgamation-type imagery.

Below is one:  Covers the topics of Dick Tracy, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Space Invaders and Gaston from beauty & the beast.

On another note, completely different topic!

I rarely dream. I usually remember what I dream, and if I don't, I remember that I had a dream, just not what it was about. And I had a dream 2 days ago. First dream in weeks, if not months. And it was of someone I had thought was out of my life and I might have peace from.  And then there's this dream. And of course, once again, drama.  This time is different - Not boyfriends, Not family, Not close idiot friends.. it's all about drugs. Which was weird.  We actually had an argument about said drugs, because it's not something this person would do / use.

And then I woke up, thinking "why was this person on drugs? They don't do drugs".

And now that's off my chest.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tattoo? Don't mind if I do.

A friend of mine on twitter had mentioned wanting a tattoo, and had something in mind but couldn't quite get what was in her head into the world, so I offered to design a little something-something for her.

And of course, I misread what she wanted. So after putting some time into a digital design, I get up to get a drink and lose my work. Remember folks, save often, save your sanity.

So after a night's sleep and most of a day wasted doing stuff I can barely remember, I quick whipped off a design on some paper with my very limited palette of Copic markers. This was done on a sticky-note style pad of paper. Same general size and all that, it just wasn't sticky, so a non-sticky sticky-note, right?

Not exactly what my friend was looking for, but she liked it. Below is the digital version.

If you're unfamiliar with the character, it's a representation of Richard the Undead Warlock from the webcomic Looking For Group [LFG for short] by Ryan Sohmer & Lar de Souza of  Blind Ferret Entertainment. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Apadravya Application

August 8, 2014: Thought-line process

Okay, as some of may know, my RPA was retired because I tried to stretch it up to a 4ga from a 6ga and wasn't able to get the taper through, then couldn't get the original jewelry back in.
The last update on that post was June 25, a good 12-48 hours after I'd taken the jewelry out. 

An Apadravya has been on my mind off and on for a few weeks. After taking the RPA out, it felt like something was missing [and there literally was].  It also occurred to me that an RPA is the top-half of an Apadravya - and if I could stand the pain of an RPA, what's a little longer/more pain, and have the full thing?
So I talked with the ever-awesome Yo and we discussed a few things such as jewelry options, how bloody this is supposed to be [supposed to be very, so was the RPA, but we found a way to staunch that to almost nothing], and sure enough, an order is going in for the jewelry, and in a few weeks I'll get this thing done. 

My birthday is also in a few weeks, and the main precipitator for this? Just that - my birthday. Figured I'd hate on myself a little and poke another hole in myself and this time not mess with it but give it actual-proper time to adjust, heal and stabilize before trying to stretch. 

Now remember, I'm like a non-mutant Wolverine - I heal quickly. And an RPA piercing has been known to close up in a matter of hours, even after a decade of wearing jewelry. It's been a solid 6 weeks, and it will take another few weeks for the jewelry order to come in. I'll be plenty-healed by then.  Not that we're going to pierce through the scar tissue, the position will be a bit higher up. 

So here I am now, looking at an Apadravya. For those who are unaware or can't remember [or if you're like me, sometimes get it confused with the Ampallang], an Apadravya is a piercing that goes through top to bottom of the glans of the penis. [the Ampallang is horizontal, goes side to side].  
It  is possible to have this piercing not go through the urethra, but that's not an option I want to bother with, because a) that's more of the glans to go through and 2) I'm a wuss, and it'd hurt more, I think. 
[I know, I know, it's all going to hurt, what's an extra 3-6 millimeters? Have you ever tried stretching a piercing more than it should? Amplify that pain - that's the difference of an extra 3-6 millimeters]

More updates as they come. This'll be interesting to be sure. 
Pics to come - don't worry, I wouldn't let your eyes/brain go un-scarred while reading this [well, once it happens].

Go here for the post on getting the Apadravya done.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Revisiting older works

Sometimes, some things that were created years ago should be left alone, for a semi-current example, the Star Wars movies [Episodes 4, 5 & 6] are ones the many people got upset over when George Lucas went back and tinkered with them.

And there's nothing wrong with tinkering with older works, to want to improve them.
But sometimes, one can tinker too much, or the current technology\ability  / skills doesn't mesh well with the older style.

I've been going through some of my works lately, and wondering what I could redo, touch-up or what I should just leave alone. The Death Beckoning I should have left alone, and when I went to redo it, I was happier with the original.

With this, the Alseid, a woodland nymph of mythology who lured men into the forests to devour them, souls and all, I originally tried a few techniques that seemed to have worked.  Yet I was never really satisfied with it - I like it enough I'm planning on making a print of it, but I thought I'd try touching up a few spots that always drew my eye to and I wanted to fix.

So here's the original, with the touched-up version below.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another chancea at a new beginning....again

Well, it's been an interesting, and fairly often annoying three years with my now-previous employer.
The last 3 months alone were a cluster-fuck of incompetent proportions on the part of the company, and some of the employees didn't handle any of the things going on either. Suffice it to say, so long as payroll doesn't mess up my final few pays, I will be quite O.K. with needing another job.

So.. while taking stock of a few things, I've also started partaking of the Sketch Dailies' topics on twitter.
They have a Wacom Wednesday contest in which whoever they like best wins some gear from Wacom.  I didn't win, and couldn't use the top image because I'd painted this years ago, but I figured why not try to recreate it with my newer skills and see how it turns out.

Not 100% sure why, but I like my older [top] image more than the bottom.
Probably something to do with all the dark colour in it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Class is Over... until the next one!

Yesterday was the last class for Comic Experience's Intro to Digital Painting taught by Scott Johnson.

Fun class! Learned a few things that I hope I remember.

Here's my last project for class - May "Mayday" Parker, Spider-Girl!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A taste of Sketch_Dailies

So I started following @Sketch_dailies on twitter and trying to get some of the challenges done.

A day or two ago they did a "Release the Kraken"/"Kraken" challenge.. and after seeing a bunch, I couldn't figure out why nobody dipped into the olde Nintendo pool for inspiration... so I did.

There's Bertha and Big Bertha.. Boos and King Boos.. Koopas and of course, Bowser, King of the Koopas. And then there's Bloopers. but no Kraken / King Blooper.

Until now.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Comics Experience Homework

If you've been following along, you'll have seen some of my previous homework posts.
And if not, hey, welcome aboard!

This week's homework was to paint Mjolnir - Hammer of Thor.

The Intro to Digital Painting course is taught by the awesome Scott Johnson of Palladium RPG cover and Marvel Comics fame [that I know of.. I'm sure the man has more great stuff out there].

We had a pencils template given to us and the homework was to paint it - the idea being the end-result that no line-art is visible, the various planes and faces are shown through lighting, shadow and colour.

So here's my Mjolnir work, with and without added effects.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quick Ninja Turtle Doodle

For those wondering, the mask is red because the originals were red, not just because it's Raph.

Slapped some quick colours on it and here we are.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mustachioed Menace pt.2

Okay, so if you've read the previous post, Paul Tobin's one of the people on Twitter I harass interact with, and the man is often a source [unintentional or otherwise] for sketch ideas.

After this image was decently received:

I decided to tweak it with a google-image acquired photo of Paul and make him a mustachioed World Devourer.

Much happier with the effects I tossed in on this one, I think they help balance the photo-realism with the drawn-on parts. 

Mustachioed Menace

Twitter, as ever, has been a bit of an inspiration for this.

 I blame/thank Paul Tobin for another bit of mental prodding. Between writers like Paul and artists like Lar [for two examples among the many], it's not hard to take a tweet and make something of it.

So, Galactus with mustache.. or perhaps, Shaftlactus. Ga-Shaft-us? Shaftacus? None of the names really roll of the tongue, but surely there's some conglomeration of Shaft and Galactus that'll work.

So.. here's the World Eater with a mustache.

Not being overly familiar with Galactus, doing an image search for references, it seems like there's a few simple common items for Galatcus' helmet, like the cylindrical shape, ear/wing things and the eye-mask, but everything else like ornamentation and such seems up to the artists.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spider-man Colours

I had this posted on my other blog, and forgot to post it here, so it's a few days late.

Previous were the flats, here's the colours.

After looking at it a bit more, I notice I didn't blend the skin tones/shading on Carol's bum as smoothly as I had looks like I took a marker to thick paper.  Something to keep an eye out for in the future.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spider-man flats

Life's a funny thing - sometimes you've got it going all smooth, and then the next thing you know 12 hours disappear and it's like nothing happened in between.

I started flatting this page and was making good headway...then errands and chores and bam! the day is gone and suddenly progression isn't flowing along as smoothly.

And for now, that's okay, because this isn't my job, it's something I do because I enjoy it.
When it becomes a job, errands and chores will be put by the wayside until X-number pages are done for the day.

Normally I wouldn't do the effects or text-effects until after I was done colouring, but I wanted to see how it would balance out with all that sky against Carol Danvers [Ms. Marvel].

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Old school" mash-up

Inspiration for something can strike anywhere, but it seems to happen often in the shower, right?
That's why it's a cliche`, isn't it?
I figure what's really happening is that you're focused on something generally mundane, leaving your brain free to wander without forcing it to wander [like letting a puppy roam free in a field, as opposed to a fenced-in park].

And this is what I came up with today:

Friday, April 18, 2014

F-f-f-f-Fantastic Four!

Coloured this page and had some fun with different uniform colour choices, & giving The Thing a speckled rocky texture.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Adult Colouring

Thought I'd try my hand at something a bit more challenging - the female body and making it look feminine...and then colouring it and keeping it looking decent.

I'm beginning more and more to understand why some artists choose a simple pattern or gradient as a backdrop for single or double characters.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Colouring Lartist

Got to colour some line art from the always-great-guy Lar deSouza.

The only thing that bothers me is that he didn't sign the line art!
Credit where it's due, people.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Version 1 or Version 2

Trying a new shading/colouring style that is not my forte, but with some practice, it could quickly become a good tool in my box.

On the left is more my natural inclination, and on the right is what I'm trying to get better at.

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