Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another chancea at a new beginning....again

Well, it's been an interesting, and fairly often annoying three years with my now-previous employer.
The last 3 months alone were a cluster-fuck of incompetent proportions on the part of the company, and some of the employees didn't handle any of the things going on either. Suffice it to say, so long as payroll doesn't mess up my final few pays, I will be quite O.K. with needing another job.

So.. while taking stock of a few things, I've also started partaking of the Sketch Dailies' topics on twitter.
They have a Wacom Wednesday contest in which whoever they like best wins some gear from Wacom.  I didn't win, and couldn't use the top image because I'd painted this years ago, but I figured why not try to recreate it with my newer skills and see how it turns out.

Not 100% sure why, but I like my older [top] image more than the bottom.
Probably something to do with all the dark colour in it.

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