Monday, November 24, 2014

Sketch Dailies - Mr. Freeze

I'm really "behind" on the whole Sketch Dailies topics - behind if we assume I was trying to do every single topic every single day.

For the re-design I figured I'd try a little classic '66 Batman Mr. Freeze with the tanks, but upgrade from a cumbersome person-sized cannon or cable-attached pistol / blaster, I'd go with gauntlets.

Given what I know of Mr. Freeze, that he requires sub-zero [Fahrenheit] temperatures to survive, what if part of the accident that warped him made it so he gave off such temperatures? So the gauntlets would help him focus blasts of cold, and the tubing leading to the tanks enables him to store some in reserve so he doesn't overdo it, depleting his needed temperature by emitting it in focused blasts.

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