Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mustachioed Menace pt.2

Okay, so if you've read the previous post, Paul Tobin's one of the people on Twitter I harass interact with, and the man is often a source [unintentional or otherwise] for sketch ideas.

After this image was decently received:

I decided to tweak it with a google-image acquired photo of Paul and make him a mustachioed World Devourer.

Much happier with the effects I tossed in on this one, I think they help balance the photo-realism with the drawn-on parts. 

Mustachioed Menace

Twitter, as ever, has been a bit of an inspiration for this.

 I blame/thank Paul Tobin for another bit of mental prodding. Between writers like Paul and artists like Lar [for two examples among the many], it's not hard to take a tweet and make something of it.

So, Galactus with mustache.. or perhaps, Shaftlactus. Ga-Shaft-us? Shaftacus? None of the names really roll of the tongue, but surely there's some conglomeration of Shaft and Galactus that'll work.

So.. here's the World Eater with a mustache.

Not being overly familiar with Galactus, doing an image search for references, it seems like there's a few simple common items for Galatcus' helmet, like the cylindrical shape, ear/wing things and the eye-mask, but everything else like ornamentation and such seems up to the artists.
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