Friday, August 8, 2014

The Apadravya Application

August 8, 2014: Thought-line process

Okay, as some of may know, my RPA was retired because I tried to stretch it up to a 4ga from a 6ga and wasn't able to get the taper through, then couldn't get the original jewelry back in.
The last update on that post was June 25, a good 12-48 hours after I'd taken the jewelry out. 

An Apadravya has been on my mind off and on for a few weeks. After taking the RPA out, it felt like something was missing [and there literally was].  It also occurred to me that an RPA is the top-half of an Apadravya - and if I could stand the pain of an RPA, what's a little longer/more pain, and have the full thing?
So I talked with the ever-awesome Yo and we discussed a few things such as jewelry options, how bloody this is supposed to be [supposed to be very, so was the RPA, but we found a way to staunch that to almost nothing], and sure enough, an order is going in for the jewelry, and in a few weeks I'll get this thing done. 

My birthday is also in a few weeks, and the main precipitator for this? Just that - my birthday. Figured I'd hate on myself a little and poke another hole in myself and this time not mess with it but give it actual-proper time to adjust, heal and stabilize before trying to stretch. 

Now remember, I'm like a non-mutant Wolverine - I heal quickly. And an RPA piercing has been known to close up in a matter of hours, even after a decade of wearing jewelry. It's been a solid 6 weeks, and it will take another few weeks for the jewelry order to come in. I'll be plenty-healed by then.  Not that we're going to pierce through the scar tissue, the position will be a bit higher up. 

So here I am now, looking at an Apadravya. For those who are unaware or can't remember [or if you're like me, sometimes get it confused with the Ampallang], an Apadravya is a piercing that goes through top to bottom of the glans of the penis. [the Ampallang is horizontal, goes side to side].  
It  is possible to have this piercing not go through the urethra, but that's not an option I want to bother with, because a) that's more of the glans to go through and 2) I'm a wuss, and it'd hurt more, I think. 
[I know, I know, it's all going to hurt, what's an extra 3-6 millimeters? Have you ever tried stretching a piercing more than it should? Amplify that pain - that's the difference of an extra 3-6 millimeters]

More updates as they come. This'll be interesting to be sure. 
Pics to come - don't worry, I wouldn't let your eyes/brain go un-scarred while reading this [well, once it happens].

Go here for the post on getting the Apadravya done.
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