Monday, March 23, 2015

More Skottie Young art

So I ran across a tweet, which led to Skottie's tumblr of THIS post, and maybe I misread something, but I snagged a couple images and coloured them in. Simple flats with a gradient background and some overlay for the star-glow.

I gotta say.. getting a `ha. cool.` response from Skottie Young on twitter about it was really uplifting.
It's been a shitty couple of months and things aren't improving anywhere that I can notice, so that was really a good thing for me. It's text, so I'm choosing to read it as  a good thing.. it *could* be full of snark and sarcasm, but I have a hard time even thinking that Skottie Young would snark on another artist, the guy seems like a really decent dude from what I've seen of him.

The art is from his work with Neil Gaiman for Fortunately The Milk.

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